YMCA / membership and excessive bureaucracy

Idaho Falls, ID, United States

My name is Andrew Welch, I have been going to the YMCA since I was young. It seems things at our local gym are changing for the worst. I have seen lower and lower numbers each year at the YMCA. Last year, they had a scholarship program for families that were in the poverty range. We received a discounted rate for our family due to our limited income which we appreciated very much. We work full time, just get paid low wages. This year they told me in December that my membership was up for renewal. They told me I would have to fill out a new scholarship application. So I did, according to their directions. That when the endless hassling starting. First, they wanted last years taxes, so I took them in 2015 taxes. I won't file 2016 until April 15, 2017. They said they wanted 2016 taxes. I said I won't file for another 4 months. However, the income has only changed maybe 500 to 800 dollars for the entire year. They said to bad, so sad, we cannot help you. The YMCA used to be a community place, a safe place for kids, a place where one to go to exercise and do activities. Now it seems they have lost all touch with the community. Now they operate like a government bureaucracy with months of waiting and endless forms. It's a sad day for the YMCA in Idaho Falls.

Feb 2, 2017

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