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I experienced a very unpleasent situation today at my son's school. As i was waiting for him i witnessed one of the YMCA after school teacher speaking to a chile in a very offensive way. Not just that but asked the child to stand up when the kid stood up and went up to her she said " im not afraid of you, now get off my face" then she told thw childewn she didnt give a " damn" if they didnt pay attention. She was there until 6:30. I asked one of the teachers who she was and she said she was one of the YMCA employees. I left and realized i didnt ask for her name. As i came back the YMCA employee said i needed to talk to her so i did.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Fort Worth, TXI told her i wanted her name and she sait its Tammy them i asked which YMCA she worked at and she said " thats none of your buissness." She was raising her voice at and i askwd her to lower her voicw and she kept going. One of the teachers asked her to please keep it down amd she wouldnt listen to her. She also had assistant with her who started saying stuff to me and i simply turned around and told him i was not talking to him and he said he didnt care. Iam im shock that YMCA hires these kind of people to take care of our children. This after scho program is not cheap and for them to have staff like this its dissapointing. I hopw they get rid of this staff and hire new ones. The staff belongs to the YMCA on ryan im fort worth Texas.

Apr 27, 2017

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