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We purchased our home in Prairie Greens in Frederick, Co in May of 2016, and that's when the nightmare started. We bought a new home and thought it was the home of our dreams. It has been anything but, our factory paint job was screwed up so the construction manager/community manager had her painters come in and paint, for 3 weeks we were told it would be ready for us to move in on May 9th. So naturally being excited we came over on the 6th to see the progress on our beautiful new home. There was no one here and the painters had made a few swipes on the wall and no cut in was done or anything. We figured okay they'll surely finish it over the weekend, so on the 7th we came by again, once again no painters but the paint pan had been moved from the dining room to the front bedroom, they had used the bathroom and that was about it. To help we removed the faceplates from around all outlets and switches as they were attempting to roll the paint around them. On Sunday May 8th we once again came by to check on the progress knowing we were closing on the next day the 9th. Nothing had been done, so we rolled up our sleeves and finished the living room, master bedroom and master closet. There is paint everywhere but the walls. We have paint on the new cabinetry, the fixtures, the counter tops, the carpeting and 141 tiles of flooring. When we showed up on Monday the 9th, there was 1 little guy on a ladder trying to finish the job. He asked who I was and I told him this is my house and we're moving in. He told me that he was told we weren't moving until the following day. Wrong... His bosses wife came to check on him and see what was taking so long and I told her there was a lot not done. I asked her how to get all the splatter off of the floors and cabinets, she told me to wipe it off. Guess what.. you can't just wipe off dried on paint. In trying to remove paint from the cabinets the finish also comes off, I brought my concerns to Yesinia Quiroga and she said the reason for the delay was they had an emergency on another house, the other house was a higher priority even though the person who bought that house did not close for at least 6 weeks after us. For the following couple months whenever I would go to the office Yesinia would tell me that I had to let the painters in to finish the job, I told her the paint job was something I could handle. I felt like I was being attacked every time I went to the office. Our refrigerator had to be replaced when they took the "old" one out they left 4 scratches through the dining room, she told me, too bad. One day I was cleaning the floors and noticed my floor tiles do not match, I had spent so much time looking up and the crummy paint job, that I had failed to notice the floor tiles. When I brought this new problem to Yesinia Quiroga's attention, she asked me "Now What", when I told her about the floors she told me once again " Too Bad". We have tried to work with her on the discrepancies yet to no avail. For some reason she decided to move our air conditioning unit from where it was supposed to be to the side of the house in doing so the electrician tapped into a fully loaded circuit and ran the feed for the air conditioner in the main feed conduit. Which is not acceptable, when I asked Yesinia Quiroga about this she said the reason they moved it was cause it was cheaper to put it there instead of where the manufacturer of the house had put it. When I asked the electrician about the feeder being where it is, I was told they would move it but it would cost me. The garage is an after manufacture add on, the electrician taps into the closet outlet for power in the garage, without looking at the schematic or wiring diagrams he tapped into our Laundry Room, which is also one of our Kitchen Arc Fault Circuits. I asked why there wasn't a separate circuit for the garage, because no one can have just one outlet in the garage that is used for the sprinkler system. That leaves 1 plug in for any and all devices that may be plugged in. Yesinia Quiroga stated she didn't know why that happened, but it would explain all the problems people are having with their garages. To do anything on the exterior you have to submit a form and explain what you want to do, ie: shed, fence etc.. We have done this twice and each time it has taken her in excess of 2 weeks to approve anything for us. I have spoken to other residents and they have said they bring a form to her and she approves them right away. We turned our 90 day punch list in at the beginning of August it is now December and none of our concerns have been addressed. The community manager has a pet name for me, " The B###h on Laural Green", I have heard this from quite a few people and I do not appreciate this.

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    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • YES! Communities Customer Care's Response, Jan 13, 2017

    Thank you for your post. We do apologize that is situation has been strung out so long, it should have been remedied immediately. That being said, your community is currently working to get bids to replace your flooring and they will be providing you with a check for the amount the work should cost and you can hire out the job as you see fit. The community is also working to schedule repainting. Again we do apologize for this inconvenience you have experienced, should you have any other issues or concerns please do not hesitate to email our customer service department at [protected] Thank you for your residency and we hope to have this all resolved to your satisfaction very soon.

Dec 08, 2016

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