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Dont ever mess with these people they are ripoffs

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Yes Communities formally Clayton Mobile home Parks
7804 Stanley Rd
Powell, Tennessee
United States
My husband, kids and i moved to grand oaks dec 2005 to build our credit up to buy a house. . . Well we meet susan she put us in a nice mobile home everything redone inside. . . We had always paid our rent on time and never had a problem until clayton sold out to yes communities keep in mind this is suppose to be a family park. . . Well we never had the problem til ed took it over. . . He harrased my husband and i. . . My husband and i worked alot so we were never at home. . . When we were at home we would have some kinda letter from good ole ed. . . Ok here we are working alot and trying to raise a family. . Well may of 2008 i was put in the hospital for phnewmonia and while in there ed had my husbands truck towed. . . Cost us 190. 00 to get it out of impound. . . I called ed to find out why "he stated it had no transmission"i said yes it does (It did i have pics to back everything up) he started yelling at me and cussing me that my nurse had to get on the phone with him. . . Then the day i was released he decided to drive his beat up truck down there and gun the motor which exshuat smoke got in my lungs and made me start coughing up blood. . . My kids watching in horror. . . My husband went around then taking pictures of disabled vehicals and talking to people we were the only ones being harraised when ipresented himwith the tow bill he evicted us. . . If u need pics let me know i have them. . . Well i found someone to take over our trailor and we moved. . . Well he didnt sign the trailor over he switched the insurance over to her name and she flooded the trailor walls are growing mold (Pics taken) and now we cant get it fixed cause the insurance is in her name and my husband is allergic to mold. . . We are waiting for him to take us to court. . . Cause we r hoping to get some where oh and i called the head guy in charge he wouldnt call me back (Called like 13 times) soo as u see this company is not a good company to dealwith!
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N  20th of Mar, 2009 by    -7 Votes
Sounds like Ed is trying to clean up the park and get rid of the junkers.
Good for him.

A bit of exposure to exhaust fumes for the duration it would take to *walk the ### out of them* isn't going to cause you to cough up blood.

You sound like the trashy sort of people who can't be bothered to maintain their home that caused me to move out a trailer park years ago.

I'd rather rent a decent house than own a trailer.
N  11th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
Stay away from Fl, Spring Hill Estates too. These people don't care one bit about this community.
GIves true meaning to trailer park trash.
D  26th of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I lived in Spring Hill Estates for 3 years. I wish I lived there now. My Mother still lives there and my Sister is now renting. Since Phil has been back as Manager the Place is once again cleaning up nicely. You cannot get better service in a Rental home than my sister gets. In my opinion it is a family park that looks like an adult park.
If you don't like it move.
A  3rd of Nov, 2010 by     Best Advice +7 Votes
Yes Communities took a mobile home park that was full of working class people who took pride in their homes and turned it into a trashy trailer park. Northridge Estates has gone from working class to white trash and hispanics who have no respect for any one around them. Complaints are never taken care of and the only way to get any peace from loud music is to call the police. Every one in this park has learned that you can do any thing you want and you will not be evicted. Fights in the street, loud music at all hours, parking in the street to the point that residents can't even get in their drive ways because of the cars park on both sides of the street, street parties until all hours of the night and people who cruise the park with loud thumping music. It definately is not owned by Claytons any more. Say what you will about Jim Clayton but he kept a clean place to live. Yes Communities bottom line is money, and the only ones that will buy their overpriced homes are the hispanics. Unless you can join the party avoid any mobile home park that is owned and operated by Yes Communities.
A  9th of Nov, 2010 by    +5 Votes
I am not trash. My family and I however, did fall on some hard times and found ourselves unfortunate residents in a 'yes! communities' home surrounded by criminals and drug dealers and users. Fighting with bats and other makeshift weapons in the streets are common. Sure, the police respond, but it doesn't change the fact that when we moved in here, they charged us to do a back ground check, assuring us that all the residents had to pass the same. If that were true, we couldnt possibly have the neighbors we have. One was recently arrested for a double homicide, and had a history of violent crimes! Not to mention, maintenance issues that go unresolved. But of course they are making every reasonable effort to resolve any and all issues, so we are forced to remain in the lease with them! I do not feel safe in my home, and they do not care! I was simply told by the regional manager that I shouldnt back down from the drug induced frenzy going on outside my door. I suppose I am going to grab up my make shift weapon and join in the fun to protect my family!? I am a mother of three, not a ten feet tall bullet proof ex cop, who gave me this advise!!! I totally agree, they are liars. DO NOT move your family into this hell I have found myself in. They tell you anything you want to hear. I have learned a lot from my terrible experience with them!
A  4th of Dec, 2010 by    +4 Votes
After our experience with YES, I'm in agreement with "wishing for better" & "Dissatisfied with Yes" & "Ali003". Their Regional Manager for AZ CO OK & a few others is an ignorant ass, as well as the community manager for the park we visited. They do not practice fair housing whatsoever, use a bait and switch to bring you in, only to discriminate against you for having an "Assistive Animal". Refusing to show properties and if there were any available "you cant rent that one because the unit has new carpet. the carpet needs to be atleast 2yrs old and we dont have any available"... SERIOUSLY????????????? Did they not take their classes on Fair Housing? Apparently they have no common sense either. Their regional manager says well "the manager was uncomfortable about talking to you about that." however the RM did say that there are Companion/Theraputic animals at that property, but those are "owners"...really??????? Oh and the most professional answer to our concerns regarding the managers' handling of the situation was to come back at us. " Well I'll have a discussion with them and you need to just let that go. You are obviously defensive because you have had to deal with this in the past" Seriously man, your Community Manager is a dim wit, with no common sense, and so are you for such a foolish answer.!!!Dumb as a box of rocks... So if you are disabled, just stay away from YES COMMUNITIES. Heck even my 10yr old knows better. Its just plain common sense people... Also, the community where we went to look at, used to be a very nice community years ago before it was a "Yes Community".Now it looks like a ramshakle dump...all old single wides, no fencing from one lot to the next, open lots with no unit, big holes, no fencing, exposed rebar, gas piping, etc...Yes Communities needs to get a clue and a wake up call...and I cant wait!!!
A  30th of Dec, 2010 by    +3 Votes
yes! communities ( The Breakers) Will rip you off, Stay away from this park and do not give these people your money. Their liars who will take advantage of you and play on your intelligence. I wish someone would have warned me before I gave up my money. Once I get my home moved in february they will never have to worry about me again ever...
A  30th of Dec, 2010 by    +3 Votes
how does the staff at The Breakers live with ripping so many hard working people off, I would not mind so much if they would have been truthful from the beginning i hope something is done about these scam artist...
A  3rd of Feb, 2011 by    +3 Votes
A  28th of Feb, 2011 by    +3 Votes
I agree with the complaints i've read.Yes even as i sit and write this i'm hearing LOUD BOOMING radios. I've lived here in NORTH RIDGE ESTATES Knoxville Tn.for almost 17 years now.I am so sick and tired of going to bed at night hearing LOUD SO CALLED MUSIC And waking up to the same .It's a real serious issue that needs to be addressed and soon .Also this thing with parking in the streets blocking the road all hours of the night .ITS DRUGS WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BE DRIVING THAT TIME OF NIGHT&MORNING.So come on management.TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEMS. IF IT WAS GOING ON IN YOUR COMMUNITY WOULD IT BE ADRESSED.RESPECT US AND YOUR JOBS!!!
A  1st of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Yes communities are total rip offs. They took over Arredondo Estates in Gainesville, Fl. I had been in the park for 5years paying off a trailer i bought from Clayton. I had paid down 18, 500 to 7, 900 on the trailer one year ago.. They started harrasment about rent right away. They changed the late fee from 25.00 month to 75.00 on a 280.00 lot rent usary fees. Then they closed the laundry room and restricted the pool hours . They started eviction against me for$ 49.52 past due rent and late fees. Did not post the 5 day notice but said they did. I didnt even know what was going on till the police came with the 5 day summons for my eviction. I answered to the court and placed money into the court for what was owed and said due. When i got to court the next month. I had the rent owed as check. They would not take it at the office. I got it and took it to court.I really needed to put it in to the court again a mistake by me. Well they had a slick lawyer who wanted now $810 in fees and $385 in court fees . He got their judgement on the eviction even though I had the money owed in a cashiers check for rent. They would not take it. They obviously wanted me out and the trailer back to sell again for a profit again. I got exactly 10 days to get out or the sheriff they said would throw me and my stuff on the street.This is a heartless company out for profit only beware of any park owned by Yes Communities .
A  23rd of Apr, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Northridge estates in Knoxville, TN is not a place to live. There has been a murder and a rape, both committed by illegal hispanics. Management is non existent and contacting the district manager does about as much good as talking to a cactus. Emergency vehicles can not get through because of the many vehicles parked on the streets and the hispanics drive through at all hours with their car stereos thumping so loud it rattles the doors and windows not to mention vibrating the walls. Drug deals are openingly conducted in the yards and calling the police does no good. I called about thumping music coming from a neighbors home late one night and I sat and watched them walk up to the side of the house, then walk back down the street to their cruisers and leave. People laying around on vehicles, in the grass, on the porch, drinking and whooping and hollering is the norm. Think twice before you decide to live in a Yes! Communities mobile home park.
A  18th of Aug, 2011 by    +3 Votes
I agree with all of the complaints above. I know 1st hand what this company will do to people. They will lie & cheat in order to get their numbers. They tell everyone that they are a Christian group and that they are really concerned about both their employees and residents...NOT!!! Don't go near them. Someone really needs to bring this company down. Here in the Dallas metroplex...
N  3rd of Dec, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Many vehicles are sitting around not repaired. Trailors hit by storms are still not repaired, some yards are not kept up to standard and nothing is done. riRight now we have tarps for coverings on decks and two homes being remodeld have taken at least a year and they are not finished. Also, dogs do their business in the street and other residents yards and no waste bags are carried by the dog owners. All in all Farragut Park is a pretty good place to live, but the management needs to work on some major issues. Also, many residents are on fixed incomes with no raises in two years, so why the raise in lot rent? How many families can live in one mobile home? And how many cars and trucks can be parked at one place?
A  10th of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
I lived at oaks of Atlantic a yes "community" this was the worse experience I have ever had while renting. First off they are all low lives working there one of the pressure washer people tried to get my wife to go smoke pot in the trailer next to mine "which was having maintenance done". When I confronted the office they said there's nothing they could do because he was fronted money and had back work that he owed.I then find that the guy also lives next to the office. They took my deposit on stuff that had already happened before we moved in. Like holes that were patched in the ceiling carpet wasn't even clean there was a burn in the siding the porch was busted etc... but of course we got charged for it all. Every Time my wife would call the office they were always rude, even when I called the guy would try to get loud with me. This place was garbage I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to live in a crap hole like that let alone friends or family. So to make it clear I would have me and my family living in a cardboard box before moving back there!!!
A  21st of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
We could not agree more, especially with "Dissatisfied with Yes" from above. This sounds exactly like our story, to a T. For family reasons, we moved from a decent town in Western PA to what we thought was a family-oriented park (as they advertise) located in the Palm River area of East Tampa, Florida. I thought I had done my research ahead of time since this was a huge move. Everything was arranged and we found the perfect home in their park to rent. I so badly wish I had found this blog before giving these people one dime of our money. Well, much to our shock, we were immediately immersed in a Hispanic community. And they absolutely have no regard for anyone but themselves. We always paid our rent on time, kept the yard manicured, kept to ourselves and "tried" to make the place a home. While we met some nice people there, the majority of people would run you down in the street and not think twice, just to get to the trailer supplying their drugs (which by our luck was right next door)!!! After robberies, attempted arson, countless street fights, more than a couple shootings and just the total disrespect for anyone, we'd had enough. I'd complained (in writing) to management several times and the only thing I was told was to call the police. In a dry FL spring, a mobile home would be totally engulfed in flames in probably 5 minutes and how soon would the police have arrived???? In enough time for 3-4 other mobile homes to have severe damage. Management does NOT live onsite so they have no real vision as to what goes on in their "community"; they simply care about numbers: getting the trailers filled with whoever and "whatever" will come up with rent money. Background checks, my butt. There were illegals everywhere and probably living in disguise with the one legal person on the lease. That's how it's done, I suppose. I'd be ashamed to be a manager there. With all of this said, we were told that due to the extreme validity of our complaints and that we'd cleaned the rental and left in immaculate condition, we'd be fully refunded our security deposit, even thought we broke or lease. Our property manager and HIS manager agreed with us. Well, their so-called corporate office denied it and never even informed us. Now, to get our money, we have to spend money on a lawyer or in small claim court. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS!!!
N  3rd of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I live in the Florence Commons Yes Community in Smyrna, TN. I have lived in the area for close to 3 years. I have been getting letters regarding rent and notices all the time. I get that they need to get rent on time. I also feel that the resident should get some respect as well. I have been trying to get some maintenance done at my place & and have been ignored most of the time. The lot next to mine was either rented or purchased by a family that is never there but have several people that I assume should not be there and they yard between the trailers has a bunch of junk beside the deck and I get a notice to mow my yard. The old manager that was there took more pride then the current one does. It seems that the current manager only sees $$$$$ not the residents. It seems that the residents are treated as second class citizens.
N  11th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Now trying to raise money by claiming to have a Personal Property Tax pass through - county says no tax - they said they have a business tax on each unit on the property. If I owned the property, then I would have a tax. First garbage, tax, etc - these are reason you live in a park - might be a good time to find a piece of land and move there.
A  26th of Feb, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I totally agree and this sounds like the same story here in Oakridge Estates in Edmond, Oklahoma. Management turnover here is constant because each new person they bring in is just as bad as the next. Legitimate complaints seem to get glossed over in favor of petty things the management can harass residents over. Legitimate complaints like neighbor's trash not being bagged properly and flying all over the neighborhood or your neighbor's sniping your parking spot with their four cars because they have 12 people living in a 3 bedroom house. Or after a long night of partying, your neighbors decide to leave you the pleasure of cleaning up cups and beer cans and bottles that were tossed into your yard. Even that resident up the street that likes to let his dog run loose so that it can come poop in your yard. Does he get a notice? No, you do, saying you have 24hrs to clean up poop and trash in your yard that doesn't even belong to you or your dog, if you even have one! I understand maintaining my own yard, but why treat the symptom when you can simply fix the root of the problem?
This place is a joke. They gouge you on rent, pack the homes in here like sardines, and are very biased and discriminatory towards residents. I'm paying $40 a month for "service fees" and have yet to see anything service related. Originally at signing the contract, that $40 was said to be mowing fees. Mowing fees for what yard??? Half my property has NO GRASS! I signed up for pest control services before move-in since my home had a sugar ant problem, later which I found out it had a cockroach problem too. The pest guy has been by one time and I've lived here well over a year. Management's response? Silence. And the Gold-Key service that is supposed to come and inspect filters and fire alarms, etc., has done little more than step just inside and glance around, and that is if they even show up. You mean to tell me that you've been checking out that AC filter for over a year and it has yet to have need of replacing? Oh, and heaven forbid if you have a dead plant in your flowerbed you haven't gotten to yet during these winter months. You'll get a notice to clean it up in 24hrs whereas your neighbor who's had a full size refrigerator sitting on her porch since you've moved in has nothing to worry about.
The Hispanic community is very prevalent here too, which there is nothing wrong with that except they hold no regard for their neighbors. They often have loud music going at night with huge parties. When the cops are called, they feign ignorance of English when just minutes before the cops show up you can hear them speaking it clearly. Their children are responsible for a lot of the vandalism in the park, my vehicle included, the dog park fencing, the basketball and soccer goals, playground equipment (of which had to be removed) and the pool (which is no longer open). The ones that drive like to gas it around the park, one actually hitting a little girl in summer of last year. Thankfully she was okay, but it's sad when you're fearful of crossing the street in a park community with speed bumps no less! It's this small representation of Hispanics that give them a bad rep.
Even if you pay are never behind or late on rent, make an effort not to bother your neighbors, and are generally a good tenant, you will not like it here at all. Best piece of advice I can give is to look elsewhere because you will never be happy at ANY Yes communities.
A  6th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
Yet name is zane jackson. I recently bought a home with your yes communities, in San Antonio, Camino creek estates. The reason i am contacting you is because since I took the step and bought this home i have encountered proems and i follow theough with my obligations. I dont understand why do i have to follow through with my obligations to the yes communtities as far as paying my rent and mortgage following communitie rules when the staff itself do not. I came home this saturday night with my family turned in my ac and left for awhile to let the house cool down. I came home once again with my family and it was 90 degrees in my house. It was to late at the time but i checked my coils they were not frozen but i notced there was no filter. I would like to i have only been in this home 3 months now. So we stay there and leave early in the morning. I called management was not able to get ahold of anyone. Finally around 3 i was able to reach maintenance. He then said he xouldnt do anything without even taking a look at it. So i asked who we used as an ac company. He didnt know so i asked him to talk to the secratary here at the office since she was gone for the day he said he talked to er and that the ac man was gone on vacation. So i asked if thwre was anything that we can do because my family is hot tired and we want to relax in our home. He said there was nothing he could do so now were sitting in the 100 degree summer heat with no were to go. And now im furious i paid thousands of my hard earned dollars to pay for a home that had been nothing but problems to me and my family. When I bought the home the corporation was in the process of changing out management. I found it kind of hectic at the time. The manager I bought the home with didnt document alot I the agreement that we had come up with as a signing bonus. Including discounts on the first 3 months of rent. Also when I paid the down payment and everything I had over paid 80 dollars and Rick had said I could use it as credit but since management had changed and it wasn't documented it was lost and no one knew anything about it. Mor problem followed. There was a huge underground leak that ran my water bill up 200 dollars after I told management about it. It took them 2 weeks!! To even look t it and that was after I asked 2 more times for them to look at it. And I needed a copy of the work report for the water company it took another 2 weeks of waiting to get the report and that was after days of hassle. I would like to relinquish my contract with yes communities. If I could please talk to someone that can help with a little customer gratitude it would be appreciated.

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