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YellowPages.com / Online scam!

Camas, WA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 360-449-2557

I was promised by the salesman for yellowpages.com 400 clicks per month or i wouldn't have to pay in the first month i had 50 hits, (they say) but yet the still billed my account. my add has also never been correct. When i told them i wanted to cancel they threatened to "come after me aggressively" my company clark county plumbing is trying to start a class action law suit against them if anyone is interested please contact us.


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  14th of Apr, 2008
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Signed on with YPC, fell ill and cancelled ad same day. They continue to call and harrass me, bill me, not answer my calls, told me there was no residual for a year!!! I have alot of returned(undeliverable) emails to YPC Collections.
Spoke with them today, they said no way could I ever cancel.
They promised so many sites the business would be available to..links..not so. Also that I would receive at least 50-100 clicks per month ..received 10 so far and it has been 6 months since..and I have tried many times to stop this.
I also disputed it with my cr.cd company and won.
  21st of Aug, 2008
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Please sign me up for a class action suit. Accent Transportation Services in Phoenix AZ.
  1st of Nov, 2008
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Please sign me up for lawsuit against them. I have been paying $900/month for 4 months without even one single business from yellowpages.com.
  14th of Nov, 2008
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How can i join the class action suit because Yellowpages.com is terrible.
  1st of May, 2009
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Please let me know where to contact for the class action. I am very interested in joining to it.
  4th of May, 2009
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I want in on this Lawsuit, i have since stopped payment to those crooks.
Contact me at info@yoboc.com
  14th of Jun, 2009
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I am an attorney in New Jersey. I have filed a class action. Would you have a minute when I could contact you?


Paul Perkins
  19th of Jun, 2009
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we have had the same kind of problems with this company. our business fell due to the housing industry drop and I tried to cancel our ad. they gave me the run around and said I couldn't cancel..I had to cancel with my rep...who never returned my calls or emails after that. I actually called them when our business dropped and we couldn't pay any of our bills. I told them our situation and even said we would pay when our business picked up, but we couldn't do anything right now. We are trying to just pay our basic needs bills every month. They showed zero understanding and were threatening and harrassed us constantly to pay them. I kept telling them my story and they woudn't listen. Now they have a collections agency/lawyer saying they are going to take action against us. They are mean and intimidating and won't listen to reason...all they want is money...which we don't have. I want to be part of a class action against them also. thanks
  23rd of Aug, 2009
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I own Paneless Window Cleaning in Seattle. YP.com came to us a year ago and did this big dog-and-pony show with the hardest sales tactics ever. We basically signed up to get them out of our house. Immediately afterwards, we wanted to drop out...they hadn't even started running our ad yet! And they refused, saying we signed a contract and there was nothing we could do. They promised that our web traffic would go up at least 500%. The most calls we ever got in one month was 2, and neither call lasted over 1 minute. We cannot book a new client in less than 1 minute! They turned us into a collections company when our payment was one day late. They have been nothing but rude and threatening and horrible to us. I want to get in on this lawsuit. I just want my money back! I will be contacting this attorney on Monday. Oh, and we used to be on the first page of Google in the organic section. Now, because of their incompetentcy, we are on page 9. Who looks past the first page or two when hiring a window cleaning company!!!
  19th of Oct, 2009
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your all a bunch of idiots
a- you signed a contract that clearly says 12 months
b- how stupid are you to believe business is guaranteed ?
c-you signed "just to get them to leave""?? thats the dumbest thing i ever heard!!!
  8th of Feb, 2010
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Most of the online phone companies are extremely arrogant and could care less about the local business. They absolutely have policies in place where a sales rep is required to cancel an ad campaign when contacted by the customer yet the sales rep does not follow through because they do not want to pay back the commissions, or the manager tells them to ignore the order. I worked for Verizon and a customer asked me for a discount if he paid his bill 100% up front with his order. I knew the policy was a "no", yet I told him I would ask. I did ask and of course the answer was no. I informed the client and he was not satisfied and understood that it was not my decision to make, so he called my manager and was told the same. Then he called my managers manager. What happened after that was beyond belief. The higher manager instructed me to delete the clients ad entirely from the phone book stating, "he called me personally, and I do not like that." How arrogant is that for you. I told my manager I was not comfortable doing that to a client who relied on the printed phone book for most of his business. My manager followed through and omitted the clients ads. I was also an expert witness in a case against AT&T, the parent company of yellowpages.com where they mismanaged an account, for about $500, 000 in billing. It was a mess, and once again involved upper management. I am really sorry for the clients who get hurt by these big companies. I would encourage you to try locally owned directories and printed phone books. People do use them and they cost way less.
  16th of Sep, 2010
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My name is Mathew Korba. I am the owner of Blue Ribbon Auto Glass Llc in Tacoma, Wa. I too attempted to advertise with the YPConnect program (yellow pages on-line), marketed by AT&T advertising. We are currently seeking businesses and individuals who have not received the services promised by Yellowpages.com Llc as sold by AT&T Advertising Solutions to partipate in a class action suite. The purpose of the suite is to recover financial losses incurred by mis-leading sales tactics and Yellowpages.com Llc's inability to deliver it's product as advertised. You are encouraged to participate.
Please cal (253) 250-7262 or email BlueRibbonGlass@comcast.net for more information
  16th of Sep, 2010
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I have been wanting to sue them for over 2 years. They promised us the WORLD and we got NOTHING from them. We signed about 2 months before the recession hit and they treated us SO disrespectfully and were awful to us. For this reason, alone, I will ALWAYS boycott their parent company AT&T (even though I want an iPhone so bad) (and, yes, I do know that Verizon will start carrying service for the iPhone soon). I even think I could get my rep to testify against the company. He had to leave town with his wife in the middle of the night to avoid being intimidated by them, himself. YP.com is the WORST company I have EVER had the displeasure to work with.

Where do I sign up for this suit?
~~Melinda Lucas, owner
Paneless Window Cleaning, llc
  27th of Sep, 2010
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hello Mr. Korba,

I just sent you email. I am VERY interested in joining this suit.
I just got word from the Better Business Bureau this morning that
AT&T has completely ignored our complaint and refused to supply
any feedback, so it's being closed as "unresolved".
Such a shame...I used to think highly of AT&T, but they've really let us down on this one.

Kristine Dembowski
Electronic Utilities, Inc.
Wexford, PA 15090
  28th of Sep, 2010
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I wrote to the New Jersey atty. Mr Paul Perkins 3 weeks ago and he never even bothered to write me back. I will write to Mr. Korba today. ~~Melinda Lucas
  1st of Feb, 2011
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I want to thank all the wonderful individuals who have taken their time to respond to our comment/complaint and, apologize to those whom we have not returned contact. Your response (needless to say) has been over whelming. AT&T-Yellowpages.com and Blue Ribbon Auto Glass, Llc. have mutually agreed to terminate our contract and we have received a full refund. This does not excuse AT&T's misrepresentation of their product or unconscionable behavior. Nor does this make-up for our total financial losses. However, at this time we are not pursuing our law suite.

If I could pass on what this experience has shown me, I would say to, Not go quietly into the night. Let your voice be heard. File your complaint with as many organizations outside of ATT's control as possible. The BBB, Federal Trade commission, State Attorney Generals Office etc... If you are paying with a credit/debit card, STOP PAYMENT NOW! And dispute the charges with your card company (AT&T must prove their charges are valid to the card company and are not allowed to contact the person or business disputing the charges about the amount disputed until it is settled). If they do so, file a complaint with your card company (Visa/MC/AMEX/DC) not your bank. If you have been sent to collections, dispute the validity of the original bill. Make AT&T prove they provided the service. Your contract is for clicks, not calls. AT&T must show a preponderance of proof that your clicks are in accordance with your specific contract. The plain and simple truth is they can not. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE THE SERVICE STATED IN YOUR CONTRACT, THE CONTRACT IS NOT VALID. Finally, USE the experience and advice given on the complaint board. It is a great resource!

Thank you,

Mathew Korba
Blue Ribbon Auto Glass, Llc.

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