Yankee Candleslivers from a bench

My husband 7 I visited yankee candle on december 27 2014. Approximately around 10 am. We have always come to this facility since we got together in 2005. We were walking through the beautiful village taking in a the beautiful site's. We came upon a bench in front of the room with all the irish ornaments. There was a bench there so we sat to take a photo. Right away I knew there was something wrong. The bench was old and who knows the last time anyone did a walk through to make sure things are safe. I had silvers in both of the back's of my thighs. I took many hours to remove all of them. I reported it. The concern for me? Oh thanks for letting us know. What about me?? Isn't there anything that you could offer a customer for the plain fact that it never should have happened in the first place. I thought of getting a hold of my lawyer. I figured i'd give them a chance to make it right! I guess we will see! Painful experience

Dec 29, 2014

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