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Glade Complaints & Reviews

Glade / glade spray

Sep 24, 2019

Hi, my name is Tracy Innes I have been buying glade products for years, I love all your products but lately the devices have been breaking after a few uses, these devices are not cheap sometimes £10 each, over the past few months I've had to replace three of them, I feel this is unacceptable...

Glade / radiant berries

Sep 01, 2019

GladeI plugged the radiant Barry plug-ins three days ago and I can't even smell them. Have you had this problem with these? Is there anyway I could get plug-ins with essential oil orange tangerine citrusy. I do not have my receipt or the packaging because I plug them all in and threw everything...

Glade / Glade sense and spray

Aug 30, 2019

Hi, I purchased a Glade sense and spray refill Chery & Peony and when I have come to open it and fit it the metal top is mishaped and it wont fit into the air freshner. I can't remember where I purchased this so can't take it back to a store. Would you be able to offer a refund or a...

Glade / glade automatic air freshener

Aug 28, 2019

Hi I recently bought your smaller size automatic air freshener and was so pleased with it, that I bought the larger one too. However, on setting up the lsrger one, I realised that although it has a timer, it does not have a sensor. This is very unclear on the box and therefore misleading, as the...

Glade / glade automatic air freshener

Aug 27, 2019

Hello, I am inquiring about the glade Automatic air fresheners, I purchased two of them from the same store and they both malfunction, I paid $20 for them plus two cans of air spray costing me a total of $30 and they leaked every where all over my bathroom shelve and in the bedroom all...

Glade / Glade Scented Candle

Aug 18, 2019

GladeWhilst using one of your candles it exploded sending shards of glass flying around our lounge. On inspecting the candle it appears that once the wax had burnt out the wick was still burning and kept heating the glass. This was not good as we have pets and children in the house and trying to...

Glade / solid air freshener

Aug 16, 2019

when you take plastic paper off the whole top of freshner comes off and the bottom part will not stay up to release scent, this is 2nd or 3rd time it has happened with them, so i just wanted to let someone know before i purchase anymore of them. Do not know how it can be fixed if they are...

Glade / glade candles

Aug 15, 2019

GladeMy daughter was asleep in my room when my smoke alarm I had recently fitted was going off and this was because the plastic covering around the glass of your candles was melting and smoking. I'm disgusted that this has happened as my daughter was asleep in that room and if I hadn't fitted a...

Glade / glade pop refill

Aug 07, 2019

Hi, I have sent an email last month regarding this but don't seem to have a response, may of got way laid. Refills and products for automatic air fresheners aren't cheap and its just reminded me buying another new one today that the last two products I have purchased have been 'faulty' I...

Glade / touch & fresh

Aug 07, 2019

I have just bought a new Glsde touch and Fresh because my very old one that was lovely and small got left behind when I moved house. I was most disappointed to find the current replacement is much larger bulkier and ugly. . Also i used to take the old one on holidays as it took up very...

Glade / glade candle

Aug 04, 2019

GladeI recently bought a glade candle from my local Morrisons. It's cherry I believe but could be wrong. Definitely red candle. Now I have been using it daily for the past few days and I have to say am deeply disappointed with this product. Yes it burns nicely but there is no fragrance from the...

[Resolved] Glade Spray SC Johnson / glade spray air freshener

Jul 26, 2019

I'm sending this complaint because I am tired of buying spray bottles of glade to provide a nice clean smell to my car or house and then they will spray for a couple of times and then the spray nozzle doesn't work anymore and I end up throwing out the whole bottle of air fresher or it will...

Glade / glade candle

Jul 20, 2019

GladeI brought a glade candle from dollar general I lit it twice now I cant light it anymore the wick can't be reach. What can I do so my money wont be wasted I have tried digging down to the wick also. My name is Nikisha Moore my phone number is [protected] my address is 189 tiffany lane Columbus Mississippi. I love glade it makes my house smell good .

Glade / new glade plug in warmer

Jul 17, 2019

GladeI originally bought a set of the glade plugins with 2 warmers from Costco. The warmers worked fine with the first plugin. After that they barely got warm. I felt the warmer & it only was getting warm around the upper area which is not touching where the oil holder touches it. I then went...

Glade / glade sense & spray

Jul 16, 2019

GladeI bought 4 of these from Aldi in Lye West Midlands. As you can see the spray when landing has caused my window sill paint to peel off. I really think you should put a warning on the box about this as it's just not right. £20 down the drain as I have now binned them all and I am not happy !...

Glade / plug in/ candles

Jul 12, 2019

I brought the plug in refills but couldn't smell anything because I think the plug in itself has gone out... So it burn out the refill so I feel like I waste my money after this experience.. And with the candle they burn out so fast they don't even last a week... I'm ask how can I have...

Glade / berry pop 269ml can

Jul 11, 2019

GladeI bought a refill can of berry pops from an Asda store quite a way from me. Popped it into my glade case and it's not spraying out the spray cap, it's coming out from the bit you fit into the can and cap. Forming in the neck of the can and not doing anything. Gutted as this is my...

Glade / glade spray air fashioner

Jun 29, 2019

I sprayed the product in my bathroom and left the room, When I returned the tile floor was extremely slick, the product must have dripped on the floor. I have health conditions that would make it very difficult if I fell (Rheumatoid arthritis, nephropathy and herniated disks in lower...

Glade / glade automatic spray refills

Jun 16, 2019

GladeSee numerous photos and serial numbers of faulty Glade refills bought around a month ago This is not the first time I've had issues with Glade products, which have been thrown away and this has also not been limited to your refills, but also the units they are placed in which have been...

Glade / glade air freshener unit

May 24, 2019

GladeAir freshener unit stopped working soon after purchase, the unit also leaked an oil like liquid which went over my radiator cover. I purchased a new re fill and put in new batteries but unfortunately it still didn't work.I have purchased a number of your products and have up until now been...

Glade / automatic spray

May 21, 2019

I bought your new pop glade automatic spray on the 18/05/19 at home bargains store in fox valley, Stockbridge Sheffield South Yorkshire. When I got it home and set it up it stopped working after 5 mins. I haven't had it working since. I have still got the receipt, but was told to...

Glade / glade air automatic air fresheners

May 19, 2019

I buy many glade products to keep my house smelling nice but after a few months the break and stop working I currently have 3 that has done that it is the brown ones. I have changed the batteries and air freshener but they still won't work I find my self buying new every few months. I...

Glade / glade 3 wick candles

May 15, 2019

I have purchased 3 of these candles and they would burn part way and I would turn wick as told to and only burnt them so long but they only burnt about a 3rd of way down and then would only burn a little and stop burning. I will not but they because I spent to much money for your candle...

Glade / air freshener in the bottle with the wooden sticks

May 05, 2019

GladeI purchased this item and last night it was accidentally knocked over on my table leaking some of the air freshener. I have just purchased my new table a week ago grim Oakland furniture store for short of £600 ! The air freshener was wiped up however it has stained and stripped the wax off...

Glade / glade air freshener spray

Apr 08, 2019

Glade air freshener spray / Too wet. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! After you spray it in the air, it falls to the floor and leaves the floor very WET. I sprayed my livingroom which has carpet and a stretch of tile. The spray left the carpet and tile wet and I slipped and fell tearing a...

Glade / glade candle

Nov 25, 2018

dear sir: i just thought you should be aware that last night my glade candle which was near the end exploded on my table. it actually started burning the top of my table. the glass it was in just shattered all over the table. nobody got hurt but if i wasn't home we could of had a fire. not...

Glade / glade® sense & spray® automatic freshener

Nov 09, 2018

GladeI brought Glade Sense & Spray® Automatic Freshener from Pak & Save Petone, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. After using it for two days, i found Eyes and Nose irritation. I stopped using it now and got the refund from Pak & Save. However, i still feel pain & irritation on my eyes.. Though...

Glade / automatic spray

Jan 02, 2018

Glade29.12.2017 - 4pm I have a Glade automatic air freshener which had run out. Whilst changing the canister of the air freshener and closing the unit it made a hissing noise so I assumed I had not aligned the nozzle correctly and adjusted it. When trying to close it the second time it burst...

Glade / glade flex trash bags

Sep 17, 2017

I have been buying glad force flex bags from sams club for years and I am not pleased with the changes that glade has made to the bags. The plastic is thinner and tears easier the black drawstrings are the worst they have ever been. You can not cinch the bag together with out one side of...

Glade / frebreeze clip on air freshener

Aug 18, 2017

GladeI clipped the air freshener on my vent and it leaked out slowly on my dash..melting the plastic. Moved it to another vent while cleaning up the mess and it stained my trim. Had to get Goo Gone but it didn't work. It melted my Honda accord 2012 interior and now looks like crap. Thr plastic...

Glade air freshener spray / Too wet


I have used Glade air spray for years. I always liked it, and preferred the fragrances to those of other brands of air spray. My recent purchase of the "new soft mist" has been disappointing. First off, noted it is now 8 ounces, instead of 9, but the same price. But my biggest complaint...

glade candles / started firer


brought two glass glade candles after putting them on hour later could smell burning. as it burnt hole in my wooden table which has now got to be replaced pls contact me on [protected] this was a health hazzard as it started a firer.

Glade air freshner / Bad taste


I do realise that companies have to find ways to advertise their products. But do we really need a child talking to his mother that he needs to take a POO. My whole family think this is in very bad taste. Not only do we have to put up with this advert, but this is just one that has gone...