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Quite simply, Xlibris is a fraudulent, dishonest and incompetent, disaster zone. Xlibris is nothing more than a quick-buck scam printer, posing as a "print-on-demand publisher", and it has one of the highest complaints percentages for a small business of it's type - with numerous civil legal proceedings for fraud and libel - including one major one that is currently in the Indiana courts and when the judgement is made public in Spring 2011, will likely make the Rebecca Brandewyne/Authorhouse saga look like a walk in the park. (Word is they're going to need to remortgage a few houses to cover the damages on this latest libel case) Xlibris was started in the late 1990s in a parents' basement, and was previously run out of a garage/home office in Philadelphia, but in the last year moved to the Author Solutions call-center with partner frauds, AuthorHouse (which has a long legal history - just Google "Authorhouse Scam" to find out) and Searchforpublishers.com - the quintessential Author trap. As of December 2010, Xlibris owes huge back taxes to the IRS and is currently carrying huge liabilities that Mr Princeton CEO Kevin Weiss has strategized to rescue with disturbingly dubious "publish 2 for 1" / "publish for a buck" coupon deals which any writer, however good or bad, should stay well clear. Their book production is dogshit like their customer service. Piers Anthony, one of the website's English owners, one of the swarming flies who still fronts this scam, is a failed British "published author" and part time con-man who lives in Florida, and has a few skeletons of his own - including a 20-year old criminal record in the UK for serious sexual misconduct, fraud and theft. Yes, Random House does still own a percentage - but let's be clear folks, Random House has a sleeping stake much the same way that Microsoft partially owns the adult services site, Ingenio/Niteflirt and don't they keep that very quiet. RH makes VERY CLEAR that Xlibris books have nothing to do with RH. The Xlibris website contains inept, vague material which is more confusing than helpful, and makes wild inconsistent boasts about how the company has "600 staff" on one page, yet, on another page mysteriously has "300 employees". The company actually has 3 full time employees, (including Mr Ivy League Kevin Weiss), and at any one time up to 10 part time workers, most of whom are part-time college students who know virtually nothing about publishing except high school english and how to make a greasy $10/hour. The problems with printing at Xlibris are as long as Authorhouse's scam history, they are a disgusting company and I'm sorry they ever crossed paths with my work.
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A  3rd of May, 2016 by    0 Votes
I am in the same boat as everyone else on here. I created a children's activity book J.D. Drool Monkey's Big Day in 2014. I have seen on many web sites around the globe that there are numerous copies available from new to used. I have invested over $20, 000 and have only made roughly $50 in royalties. I was invited to attend Book to Screen Pitch Fest in Los Angeles and the International Book Fair in Miami. At the book fair, the Xlibris representative told me to only give the books out to the "important children"!!! ALL CHILDREN ARE IMPORTANT!! With all of this publicity you would think my books would be doing better. I have lost all faith in Xlibris as my publishing company. Everyone on here needs to get one lawyer and sue the pants off these people.
N  27th of May, 2016 by    0 Votes
I sent in my typed manuscript to xlibris a year ago - at the time I wanted to get it in to a publisher because I wrote it in '86. They have had the manuscript for a year, I was hoping things would change but it hasn't. The person I originally was in contact with is no longer with the company and I want my manuscript back - I called to talk to them today and the person I spoke with told me that the original contact did not give him the manuscript. So, I told him that I wanted it back and I told him that it was his responsibility to find the script and mail it back to me. I am giving him 10 days to get back in my hands. My worry is, what can I do if I don't get it back? I guess in 10 days, I'm gonna have to look for an attorney. Thank goodness I never sent them any money.
A  3rd of Jun, 2016 by    0 Votes
I'm the author of Repercussions: What happens in the dark will come to light. I'm experiencing problems myself as a new author. My first book was published with Xlibris on February 29, 2016. I know individuals personally who purchased my book and I also have E.F.T so I don't need to meet the threshold of 75.00 us dollars to receive payment. Also my book was mysteriously not searchable or available in Xlibris bookstore a few days for royalties to be paid. I'm also feeling that something isn't right
N  13th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes

Xlibris - no/few meager royality checks
Xlibris publishing co.
United States

I feel that they are a scam when it comes to royalty checks and is not honest with the author when it comes to marketing campaigns.
N  13th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes
From experience, and as a publishing consultant, I can tell you there is almost NEVER a reason to go with a publish-on-demand or vanity publishing company. They either get your money up front with no way of knowing if there is any return on your investment, or they get your money in royalties with no evidence of a return on your investment. You even lose on your royalties by the time bookstores and Amazon like places pound their royalties and commissions out of you. The only people who benefit are the publishing companies and lawyers. Where there is a breach by the publisher, yes you can almost always get out of the contract by taking your complaint public and to the social networks. You are entitled to a financial accountability, the print ready file - unless you signed away your ownership rights, then you own nothing; and the distribution and listings should be yanked from all places claiming commissions and royalties under the name of the publisher.

For the unestablished, and sometimes to an established, author the world of publishing is intimidating, confusing and overwhelming. There are a multitude of different types of publishing houses and sources in which to use. Which is right for you? What happens when you go with a less than honorable vanity or print on demand publisher? What steps are involved in the writing, printing, publishing, distribution and marketing of a book? How does an author proceed safely with their dream? How does an author determine what is the best course of action for their book? As an author, writer and publishing consultant my goal is to help the author determine what their best course of action is and sometimes how to undo a bad choice and how to start over. www.janethorton.net
N  13th of Jul, 2016 by    +1 Votes

Xlibris - What a bunch of *****
Xlibris Corporation
United States

Hawaii was admitted into the union of the United Stated of America August 19th 1959. We have been a state for 50+years... explain to me then why we are charged International shipping? The rep I spoke to gave me the casual reason "because of the distance." Maine to California is farther away than Hawaii is to the East coast so do they charge Mainers international shipping?

So Hawaii gets discriminated against because we're not attached? And then this clown keeps me on hold for 8 minutes after I asked for a manager. When he comes on he says that no one from the team is there, because it's Saturday.

I understand perfectly well that Hawaii has a higher shipping rate, I've lived here 30 years...but INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING?

What a bunch of BULL#^&!!!
N  22nd of Apr, 2017 by    +1 Votes
xlibris is a complete scam…… stay away they disconnect you, lie and don't have any respect for the writers, , , , , , , , , , fraud
N  22nd of Apr, 2017 by    +1 Votes
xlibris is a fraud company, they don't work with you, they take your money, hang up on you, they are pathetic .They need to be shut down!!!
N  22nd of Apr, 2017 by    +1 Votes
A  26th of Apr, 2017 by    +1 Votes
On July 18, 2016, I contracted the services of Xlibris to publish a children’s book entitled ABC Animal Rhymes. I made it clear to them that my target market for this book is public libraries and school libraries which means that the book was to be published with a hard cover. A sample copy of the book was sent to me in September 2016 in paperback format with a retail price of $21.99. I subsequently advised them that the price was not competitive in addition to the fact that the book needs to be hard cover. Their representative advised me that to effect these changes (i.e. reduce price and change to hard cover), I was required to remit an additional $106.40 to which I complied on October 31, 2016.

Four months later in February 2017, a representative contacted me with an electronic copy of the changes to the interior galley for which I verbally approved but there was no change to the retail price and the book cover. She advised that there was no internal (XLIBRIS) notation of the book being amended to be hard cover and price reduction – even though I paid an additional $106.40 for those specific amendments.

During the foregoing saga, I began to receive phone calls from a company that calls itself Book Venture Publishing expressing to me how concerned they were regarding my book. The voice of their representative resembled the voice of a representative I was once in contact with at Xlibris. When I said to the Book Venture representative, “You sound like Chris Michaels who I used to speak with at Xlibris”, the phone line went dead. The person on the other end of the phone remained silent and then hung up. Book Venture Publishing has also sent me e mails regarding Xlibris unethical conduct with authors. If one were to Google Xlibirs Scam, one would be appalled at the findings. The very core of my being is remorseful for failure to conduct my due diligence before engaging the services of Xlibris – the most fraudulent and unethical company that I have ever engaged in a business transaction.

After seven/eight months of haggling with Xlibris to publish a simple children’s book, a firm decision was made to let go and part company with them because their business ethics is beyond questionable.

I have NOT received my 5 (author) hard cover books and other marketing materials to include bookmarks, business cards and posters.

In total, I have paid Xlibris $2, 114.90 to publish and market/publicize my book - broken down as follows:
· $785.90 (i.e. $246.50 on July 18, 2016; $216.50 on Aug 18, 2016; $216.50 on Sept 18, 2016 and $106.40 on Oct 31, 2016) for publishing.

· And $1, 329 (i.e. $463.00 - Sept 30, 2016; $433.00 - Oct 30, 2016; $433.00 - Nov 30, 2016) for publicity/marketing.

The question is, “How can this Scam Artist – Xlibris charge for marketing and publicity of a book that has not been produced?”

Please also note that Xlibris uses a United States address but all their representatives are in the Philippines who unfortunately lack basic intelligence and the inability to communicate fluently in English. The staff turnover is ridiculously high which contributes to the lack of continuity in the communication process. I sincerely believe that the reason why I eventually folded and signed on with them is because of the constant hounding by their sales representative. After they got my money, my phone stopped ringing.
A  30th of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
Xlibris is trying to con me out of the initial payment I made to them in respect of a book I am trying to publish. They took my initial payment and when the book went up for review they tried to tell me that there was a chance I would have a suit brought against me because some parts of the book said questionable things about certain people. First of all, no one in the book is having his/her real name mentioned and the book take place in the 1960s. Most of the people who could have been identified are dead. The publisher tried to wriggle out of publishing the book by saying it wouldn't be responsible for any suits made against them in respect of my book. That would have been a bit difficult since the majority of the people had died at least 30 years ago, some 40, I would advise that no on consider Xlibris. Amazingly, this publisher has been tracking me down since last summer. You should by all means avoid this company.
N  6th of Jun, 2017 by    0 Votes
Xlibris need to be reported to the Fraud Squad. How can they take people's money, don't produce a thing and then refuse to speak with the author or respond to e mails? The only time that one hears from them is when they want to collect more money. What a fraudulent company!!!
A  22nd of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
I agree with every comment above. Luckily, I caught most of their editing mistakes (over fifty in 221 pages - this after two editing rejects of over 100 additional errors in the first proof copy I received). Still, the book went to press and was delivered to me with almost thirty errors. What dismays me most: Their total lack of the marketing services they promised me. Two book fairs that display their books offered to display my book for nearly $2, 000. This include ONLY putting up a poster of my book. I would't be allowed to have a booth to talk to possible distributors, nor would my books be there to buy! What is most egregious is that I cannot collect my royalties. I have six signed affidavits stating that people purchased copies of my book on Amazon in Aug./Sept. yet in late October they do not appear on my read out. Luckily, I'm doing local marketing of my book and have sold almost 100 copies (compared a total of SEVEN by Xlibris). There is an absolute absence of marketing from Xlibris. They are simply just an over-priced book printing company. Will anyone like to participate in a Class Action suit against Xlibris. I have already talked to several lawyers and some are REALLY interested in filing a case!
A  14th of Dec, 2017 by    0 Votes
Completely on board with you!
D  5th of Jan, 2018 by    0 Votes
I have something GREAT to say about Xlibris...They make a lovely book as long as YOU, the author, know what you are doing...I have previously owned a graphic design business and have my own vision on what a good quality finished book should look like. Xlibris helped me produce just that. I now have 5 books published with Xlibris...myself strictly navigating the whole process. Xlibris was more than patient with my critical details and many adjusts and changes.
It you want to see what they can achieve in full color 8 1/2 " book...Buy one of mine: The Lizard's Tail...You will be amazed.
The only problem with any print-on-demand is the cost of individual books...and the cost of shipping. That is the only problem with Xlibris.
A  30th of Jan, 2018 by    0 Votes
In 2013 I self-published my first script, titled: "Chi-Chi and the Salazar family" the publisher, I used to publish the script was "Xlibris". I've spent close to two thousand dollars with this publisher to advertise my book to obtain publicity and sells. Since 2013 all I've gained has been sixty dollars. My book since it came out has been sold overseas and has many five stars over the internet and great reviews, people on eBay are selling my book in the UK, Australia, and France.

The publisher hasn't sent me a check for more than two years and my book has been sold up until today. Then, why was my last check from them a few years ago? When I asked them about why I haven't received a check in the past few years, they always give me vague answers that I don't understand. A few weeks ago, I called and asked them, why haven't I received a check from 2016 and 2017 and they told me they will going to contact me which they did not. I don't recognize what's actually going on, they can tell me anything they want and I possess no evidence to belie.
I had no idea that so many people were going through the same problems as me, too bad I waited so many years to seek help.I own all the rights to my book.
N  30th of Jan, 2018 by    0 Votes
@Daisy Reyes This is really tragic to hear I think you should seek legal actions against them I know a few lawyers that will be willing to fight for your dividends.

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