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Xbox 360 / Xbox Live / this is crazy, I hate microsoft!

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Xbox 360 Complaint

I randomly got charged for Xbox Live today, I haven't had Xbox live for quite a while... My Xbox 360 also started doing the 3 red lights thing a while ago so I thought it was time to call in to get it repaired for free and to cancel Xbox Live. Little did I know that I would still be on the phone an hour and a half later...

First I called 1-800-4MYXBOX and had to go through one of those stupid voice menu things. I said Xbox Live and then it repeated all the choices again so then I said Xbox Live again. Then it went to the next menu where the choice I needed to say was "Cancel My Xbox Live Subscription". Then it repeated my choices 3 more times because it had no idea what I was saying. I then got an operator who asked what I wanted to do. I told him that I needed to cancel my Xbox Live. He asked for all my information like my name, address, last 4 #'s of my credit card, email address, phone number, gamer tag, and a handful of other stuff. Then he asked why I wanted to cancel it and I said because my Xbox 360 was flashing 3 red lights so there was no point in having Xbox Live. Then he said alright well then we need to get you to repair so I said nope, not until you cancel my Xbox Live. Then he hung up.

Then I called back again and went through all the menus where it had no idea what I was saying until I got to another operator who verified all that information all over again. I told her I needed to cancel my Xbox Live since my system was broken and she started to tell me how she would give me one month free of Xbox Live. I told her I didn't want that since my system was broken. Then she tried to get me to the repair department before canceling but I stopped her and got her to cancel it. I then asked her for a refund of my $8 for the Xbox Live that I wasn't going to use and she said no that she couldn't do that. So then I looked on their website and it said that you get the money refunded for the amount of days you don't use it so I told her that. Then she said well what website are you on so I told her and she went there. Then she read the same thing back to me and was like well we don't normally do this so I said yes you do, it says so right on your website so she told me she would make a special exception this time. Then she said she would transfer me to the repair department.

15 minutes later a person finally answered, then they asked what I could help them with so I said repairs. She then said alright I can transfer you over there so I asked why I hadn't already been transferred there. Then she said I am repairs... So I said no your not, you just said you were going to transfer me there. She said she could either help me or not, it was up to me. So then she asked the dumbest question I've ever been asked, she said why do you want to repair it? I was literally stunned, why would I want to repair it??? So then I said ummm because it's broken. She then said well how did it break so I said it broke because you released a product that overheats itself. She then said well what have you done so far so I said everything that it says to online. Then she asked well tell me exactly what you've done so far so I said that I didn't remember. So then she said well you need to tell me so I googled xbox 360 lights and went to microsofts page about what to do. It said to unplug it and wait for 10 seconds so I said that. Then she said well what else so I said nothing, that's all it says to do on your website. She then told me she would send me a box in the mail to mail the xbox back, I asked her how long it would be till I got it back and she said 3-4 weeks. This is crazy, I hate Microsoft.

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  • Ch
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    I have gone through the same thing... except a little worse. I just got back my "replacement." It is a year older than the xbox I sent in and when I hooked it up, it didn't work. Now they are having me send it back in and it's going to be another month to get another. So now I am without an xbox for a total of 2 months. They comped me a cheap ### game like that would make it better. I wish there was some other type of recourse. Let me know if anyone has a way.

  • Lu
      2nd of Nov, 2007
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    I purchased my xbox 18months ago and now shortly after the warranty ran out my xbox 360 just crashed. So did the whole unplug everything, leave for 10 seconds, reconnects everything, turn back on got as far as the xbox logo coming up then it froze. To speed the story I tried alternative AV cable, power pack tried with and without hard drive and/or disc, leaving it for a day and trying and basically the whole Shabam as advised by XBOX 360 customer support.

    Phone them back up and was told that because my xbox 360 doesn't have the red ring of death I am not eligible for the extended 3 yr warranty and so at first would have to pay £60 to get my xbox repaired. Refused to pay don't see why I should be discriminated against just because the red ring doesn't show especially when its very clear that my xbox 360 is clearly not working. Second time I called I was advised by person that it would cost £55 again I refused. I informed them that the warranty doesn't exclude my statutory rights and under the sale and supply of goods act merchandise has to be of reasonable quality and I don't class paying £350 and the merchandise only lasting for 18mths as reasonable and requested a repair or replacement free of charge. Person couldn't authorize this so asked to speak to supervisor. 30 mins of being on hold and hung and tried again. Asked to speak directly to manager again had to explain whole situation again and was then put on hold for another 7 mins. 3rd attempt of trying after going through the whole story again I just said 'look we clearly ain't getting anywhere, can I have your supervisors name or managers name'. Was allowed to give names so asked to be put through to director. I was then asked why and so said 'Because I'm sure the director would like to know why his company is due to go through the Small Claims Court due to staff discriminating me because I don't have red ring of death, how do they know whether the problem with my machine is causing that fact that the red ring of death can't show, and also not complying with the sale and supply of goods act by giving a merchantable goods which does not comply with what they would describe as reasonable'. Again put on hold for another 5 mins. Talk about customer service which is extremely non existence. I have no resulted in talking to amazon which is where I purchased the product from and get a replacement through them.

  • As
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    I hate Microsoft xbox 360, I got the console and loved it until it packed up and decided to show me the three red lights! Why should we have to pay to get this fixed?!? Obviously it is not our fault as so many are breaking down! I had a play station 2 for years and not had a single problem and I don't know anybody that has! I think I will turn back and get a play station 3! Microsoft I thought you did yourself proud but you are a nightmare and a scam!


  • Ca
      7th of Jan, 2008
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    I got my son a xbox360 4mnths ago the first day scratched a $100 game and now he's getting red rings it over heated MR microsoft is a ###en wanker.

  • Da
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    Here's the chronology:

    1/9/08 -
    XBox freezes while starting Rock Band (approx. 5 min). Reset XBox and the game freezes again. This time I get a screen with foreign text and an E71 error code.
    Reboot Xbox -freezes again.
    Final reboot leads to 3 red rings of doom.
    Place call to MS support. They have me go through typical tests - remove HD and cables. Power up again. Nothing.

    MS support tells me a shipping label will be sent to me via e-mail within 24 hours. I'm told to email support if not received within that time frame.

    1/10/08 -

    No shipping received in my email.
    Following instructions, I email tech support.

    1/11/08 -

    MS support emails me and is "sorry for the inconvenience". They are unable to help me because personal information cannot be divulged via email.

    Call MS support again. They tell me that the "Don't contact via email" checkbox was marked off for this ticket request. I ask, "why would that be unchecked if the sole purpose of getting the shipping label and contacting support to be via email?" MS response: "I am sorry for your inconvenience".
    I am issued a new request number and told that this will be expedited and a shipping label will be sent asap.

    1/12/08 -

    Still no email.
    Called up MS support again. I get another "apologize for the inconvenience" from their rep. This time I am told that the previous ticket was submitted but that "their system sometimes has problems and is slow." Am told that the ticket should have been in an 'initiated' state instead of 'submitted'. The rep assures me that this is something that "he always checks unlike other reps...because it's only common sense". Feeling somewhat relieved, but mostly skeptical, I give him the benefit of the doubt. Received a few more "apologize for the inconvenience" sentiments to the point where my own [censored] is starting to smell better than this pile.

    Rep assures me that this *new ticket* number is correct and that my request has been expedited [again]

    1/13/08 -

    3:00 PM

    Apply the 'Towel Fix" for 20 min. Cross my fingers and voila, the Xbox 360 is back up. Have been playing Rock Band for a couple of hours.

    10:00 PM
    Surprise! No shipping label.
    Call up MS support. Guess what? MS wants to "apologize for the inconvenience". This time it is escalated to a supervisor - oooh! After being on hold for 10 min. I am assured that my label will be in my Inbox, by end of day today (2 hrs. remaining). Oh yeah, I have a new ticket number, too.

    So the saga continues. I forgot to mention that after going through the horrible voice menu and giving my name, number and other info, I am still asked for the same info by each rep. I ask "don'tyou have this entire history referenced with each ticket??"

    "I apologize for the inconvenience"

  • Da
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    1/14 -

    Still no email from MS Support.

    8:39 - Placed call to MS again. Still don't know why they can't reference my call history. I am told that I will be transfered to a supervisor in 35 min. (It is now 9:05). BTW, the hold music is VERY loud and annoying.

  • Sc
      14th of Mar, 2008
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    Have been trying to get xbox live online since christmas. Have called tech support over 20 times with
    no results. The phone reps have all been very pleasant, however after being on the phone last night for
    over five hours and getting absolutely nowhere I'm at my wits end. The reps kept saying it was a router
    issue-so i've replaced the router twice. They told me to upgrade my firmware-done. They told me is was
    my Internet provider-called them and it passed all diagnostic tests. The icmp will not pass. I've tried
    every possible option to get it fixed. I've hired computer techs, had other xbox live users try to help, nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions other than strapping a live grenade to it??

  • Da
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    Going through the same problems as everyone else sent the crap box in for the second time been gone now for 17 days no reply from xbox people .Now sent a letter to replace my box within 5 days .In New Zealand we have a consumer rights act and i think they have broken about three laws here, cant go in to too mush detail but will be taking them to a small claims court very shortly over there faliure to react to my problem.

  • Pi
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    Ok so last year i purchase my 360 console and within two days of buying it, the console freezes. I go back to the store i got it from and get a replacement xbox 360. About 4 days later viola same thing happens... what are the f*uking chances of getting another console that breaks in just a day or two...

    so what I did next was take the console back to the store and they tell me "sorry we cant exchange your console, please call xbox 360 customer support" so the next day I call up MS support line on 1800 555 741. I go through all the menus and I spent atleast 1 hour on hold waiting for a rep, then once i get a hold of one I am told to go through troubleshooting methods (I mean come on like pulling the plug out is going to do anything to help...if you ever have red rings it is a damn "HARDWARE FAILURE" thats something you wont be able to fix by turning the console off and on really.

    So im issued a reference number and I am told that a box will be sent to my home (took over 2 weeks for it to arrive) pretty stupid. I pack my console up and off it a month and abit goes past and i finally recieve my console working with nooooo red rings or anything yay!...

    well guess what exactly 6 months from that day my console had red rings, i put a game into the tray..what do I see, 1 red ring flashing in the bottom right quadrant!. Now thats what pissed me off is that I get my console repaired for a first time and now the same thing has happened (this happened only last week) and just today i have sent my console off AGAIN and Im going to have to wait another month or so. Who knows, when i get my console back my 360 will prob stop working again after 6 months.

    I wonder when MS will sell some decent consoles...

    OH and its not a good idea to place a towel on your console... as what many people have tried and done more damage than good because it can catch fire or really over heat... kinda like wrapping a heater/fan up in a towel.

  • Pi
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    oops that above comment i was suposed to click on "AGREE" lol

    Has anyone else had to have their console repaired more than once or twice?

  • De
      12th of May, 2008
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    OMG!!! XBOX Customer Support SUX!!! They "Cancelled" my account back in January because the box had been "tampered" one ever touched the console... then they had the nerve to charge my credit card in march for three months telling me that I ordered the subscription. They charged me again in April.

    When I contacted customer service they said no one ever said that and the subscription was still active. Yet when you log on, they say the account has been terminated. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau to tell them about MS wonderful customer service reps

    I'll stick with Playstation

  • Co
      5th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Yeah Microsoft is mad ###ed. I called for a repair and they said they couldnt find my address to send the box to, so they said they would look it up and i have been waiting 4 months for a reply and now they just decided to send it by UPS...MADD ###ED, i am at the address so shouldnt it exist

  • Gi
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    I cancelled my XBox Live account today, and while I was on the phone I asked the (American) operator why it was that I could create an account online, add new credit cards, purchase points, change my contact info and do anything else except cancel.

    He said it’s because if members could cancel their accounts via the internet “other people migh be able to falsely log in to your account (we call them hackers) and cancel your XBOX live account without your permission.”

    I couldn’t help laughing at him. I said I know what a hacker is, and if Microsoft’s system is so insecure that they fear hackers might login in and cancel my account I’m glad i’m shutting it down, since it gives me no confidence at all in thier ability to securely protect my credit card and personal contact info, nor to safely process payments or other transactions online. I suggested that what he had offered me was the most flimsy excuse imaginable for a system blatantly designed to minimise cancellations by obscuring the process.

    We agreed to disagree.

    Now we’ll wait and see if the cancellation was actually successful or if they’ll just tap my credit card next week anyway when the renewal date rolls around…

  • Ne
      12th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree, Microsoft is lame!

    My original console lasted about 8 months before I got a new one and now after another 9 months will not read media and turns off randomly

    I called again and they said only the 3 red lights are covered for free...and I had to pay 100 bucks to get a new one.and when I refused to pay and asked for reasons why they would not stand behind their product I got the usual sorry sir B.S...and she even had the nerve to tell me that it sounds like the three red lights are probably going to happen and to call back when that happens.But it won't read any cds, if I can't use it how are the red lights going to happen!

    I for one have had it with Microsoft and will be going to get a nice new PS3 (That will work for more than a few months)...If you want to get back at microsoft, just spread the word.Let anyone who is thinking about buying a system know that the 360 is a pile of CRAP and the support sucks!!!

    I hope their next console flops!

  • Jo
      19th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree Microsoft is the lamest shjt ever.. i called in couple of times because my xbox 360 got the ring of death. i have called them approixately tenth times because they were having trouble mailing me my shipping box and the shipping label. i was so mad at them that i cursed at every single representative i spoken to. On my tenth call, they said i have to speak to the supervisor because my repair order is being handled by him. i really dont know what to do anymore.. what other problems do they have. i'm gonna have to call back microsoft next monday to talk to the supervisor otherwise this thing will never work out okay for me.. i am very fed up with MIcosoft and their support system.. they simply have too much flaws in their company.. this is really aggrevating me and frustating.. as i havnet played my xbox 360 for almost two months now!!

  • Ex
      30th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Just traded my 4th 360 for a Ps3. :)

  • Mm
      27th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    My son's 360 got the dreaded red ring death symbol about a month after going live. Of course we had to run right out and get another one. Same thing. After only 3 weeks of play the console mysterously won't connect. The Help Desk, which by the way is a big joke, can't help. After several hours of screaming into the phone because the background noise at the call center was so bad and in addition I could only understand every other word the tech said I was informed that the problem is my internet provider service. Curious that the system worked for several weeks. Every other kid we know has had the same or similar problems with "live" but apparently nothing can be done. We've all been duped. The only satisifaction is in adding to the list of complaints. Obviously nothing will be gained. Too bad we can't manufacture anything in this country or at least have the support center here so we could understand what's being said . The best suggestion I heard was ..take the unit to the top of your building and drop it on the concrete.

  • Ty
      23rd of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i think that the people that made the x box 3 60 cant do there job probally because if doesover heat in about a year so the 3 60 is really crap it is good to play online but we should be able to get a brand new 3 60 of the money back

  • Da
      26th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Everything stated above is pretty much dead on as to my experiences with Microsoft Xbox 360 LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Ra
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    I see more people swear at the X box than swear by them. This is good to know, because I'm about ready to buy a new system. To the person that started this thread, are you sure your account didn't get hacked? It happens all the time.

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