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rebuilt engine for 3000gt vr4

Ordered a motor 6g72 TT to be rebuilt, dean told me 30 days, months passed by I called and the said the crank was bad, ok fair enough wait another 2 months no call no email no nothin, I call again he tells me this time hes waiting on parts, another 2 months go by still no communication, the excuses never end these people are scam artists, it took the police and FBI, and a court case threatened upon them before I finally got a check for my money back a year later, DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE CLOWNS

3000gt vr4 6g72

Ordered motor dec 18 2018 it's now June 6th 2019 no motor no money, if your reading this your [censored]ed I've...


I guess I'm the most recent fool. After Paying them for an engine a got to me and it was the wrong engine...

appears to be a complete scam and ripoff

I ordered a rebuilt engine from these clowns on June 2, 2015. Should have know something was amiss when they...

paid for engine and no delivery

June 3, 2015, placed order for 235 long block engine for 53 Chevy truck rebuild. Quote 30 day delivery. July...

product non-delivery

We ordered and paid in full for two marine turnkey engines on 9/7/13 with a delivery of 30 days. It is now 90...

paid (only half thank god) received no engine, excuses, always waiting for parts

I ordered a Mercruiser 3.0 HO engine from The Engine Center in Early April 2013. After speaking with Dean I felt very comfortable and he said I only needed to put half down and the other half in THREE weeks when the engine would be ready to ship. They have been telling me constantly that they are waiting for parts or that there is some other kind of delay. I could never get a returned phone call, but could usually get a returned email within a few days. I thought this was odd but it made me feel re-assured when I would get an email. In August 2013 I received and email stating that they finally got my custom camshaft in and my engine would ship on a certain date in August exactly one week later, but I needed to send a payment to them before they shipped it. They even asked me what color I wanted the engine. I did not reply to the email, in the hopes of receiving a phone call. I finally responded to the email 2 weeks later with one word. Black. I wanted my engine black. I received no response. After waiting two more weeks of my response to the email I fianlly called from a different phone number and was able to get an answer! Wow. They said well let me go look in the shop. YEP! she (Laura) said. Your engine is on the stand. It can't be more than a week, Week and a half before it is ready to ship out. 4 weeks later have not heard or received any correspondence from them.

misrepresentation, fraud, shoddy worksmanship

Ordered a rebuilt Mercedes engine after being told that all moving parts will replaced with new parts. Paid...

never shipped engine

I ordered a 1993 6.5 Turbo Diesel L65 Truck longblk vin F w/Ho from, the Engine Center on...

poor service

I ordered a 1987 454 mercruiser turnkey motor from for $5490. When it was delivered it had...

defective engine, no warranty, no refund

On August 27, 2007, I purchased a remanufactured engine for a 1984 Cadillac Seville from

how to get your money back

If you still have not resolve your claim you need to follow your customer complain so they can be prosecute by the state general attorney.

If you are involve in any unfair fraudulent business practices from AA Rebuild / Abacus Company / / /

You all need to fill out a consumer complain with these different agencies:

Indiana General state attorney (Business is conducted in Indiana)

Nevada General state attorney (Company is register in Nevada)

FBI The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

If you paid with your Paypal account

Better Business Bureau (File complain as

Rip-off (File complain as
/link removed/

Complaints Board (File complain as

The Squeaky wheel (File complain as

It really work I got a check from all the pressure they got from the consumer agencies.

These people need to be stopped from taking our money away for no reason, so take your time file a complain, if we all do it they will be prosecute and you will get a refund.

  • Ja
    Jay Cox Aug 17, 2015

    I filed complaints as mentioned above and notified Laura from The Engine Center. She said at first refused to provide a refund then suddenly changed her mind and said in 14-21 days I would get a full refund as of August 14th. I noticed they have already changed the website for so as to keep attracting more people to scam. I've yet to be able to locate any legitimate manufacturing location for this so called business.

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  • So
    SoCalDriver Mar 02, 2016

    My dealings with them have been similar. I shipped my engine to be rebuilt along with full payment on the promise that it would take a few weeks at the most. A few weeks turned into almost 6 months with the same excuses everyone else has been getting. It's almost as if this Laura person has some sort of standard scripted email she sends out at the proper time interval.
    I finally got fed up, started researching and found (to my utter dismay) that this has been going on for years. I asked to conceal my order, have my engine shipped and and my money be refunded. At first I was told that wasn't an option. That got quickly turned around when I filed criminal charges with my local PD, the Gary PD, and the Indiana State Attorney General's office. My engine arrived yesterday and I have been told a refund check will be issued "in approximately 15 business days". Why it takes 15 business days to get a casheiers check will forever remain a mystery I suppose but they have 3 law enforcement agencies breathing down their necks right now. Laura has a bit of an attitude as if I was making an unreasonable request but 6 months of excuses is more than a reasonable amount of time and from what I have rad about these people I did not want them doing the rebuild. Aside from the lame excuses, it appears they perform shoddy work - if/when they actually produce a finished product.
    So I will now have to wait 10 morebusiness days but law enforcement has assured me after that they will go after them full force. These people know how to play the game. They know they can take people's money, not deliver what was agreed and worse case, they have to issue a refund. As for the rest who give up, well they are well ahead of the game.
    If you are reading this and find yourself in a similar situation, don't keep letting them stall. File charges. Accept nothing less than a full refund and a return of your engine/core if you sent one. It's the only thing that singing to get you any results. Ryan, thanks so much for all, your help in this!
    Laura, Dean, and Davd - if you are reading this you know I meant what I said I was going to do.

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  • Jo
    JohnDana Custis Feb 17, 2020

    They are still at it. Got me for $2, 400 and my long block. Now operating as Engines LLC. Dean is the steaming pile of excrement I dealt with. I even went to Gary, IN to try to pick up my motor. Shipping address is a vacant building and the mailing address is a UPS Store drop box.

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They offer remanufactures engines and engines parts but they are actually shipping used non remanufactured...

improper engine overhaul

I ordered 2 remanufactured 500 cadillac engines $4935.00 in April of 2008. They sent older models than I ordered, they where not fully assembled, missing parts and some of the parts they did use where unserviceable or partially cleaned. I tried to call them, no response yet. The company who actually did the remanufacture? was Blaines Motor Supply Co. in Dallas Tx. I called them [protected] and received a bunch of BS about the problems I'm experiencing. I've been a licensed mechanic for 25 yrs. and order 4 of these engines per year. I've never even seen an overhaul this bad and to call it a remanufacture is a joke.

  • Fl
    Flash Dec 20, 2008

    They screwed alot people. I am going to posting website to collect the complaints. I want put both Dean and John (mechenic) both in Jail. They will not get away this. I am going to shut down their business by June of 2009. I have the money connection to bring these boozo's down to thier Knees. THEY WILL PAY DEARLY!!!

    Matthew Gordon

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no delivery

I ordered and paid for an engine on December 18, 2007 from I was told it would ship in...

no money/no engine

Boy, I wish I had found this website before I shipped my motor. Sent my motor and the money. Now, after four...

crappy business, worst customer service ever!

Wow! What a crappy business. The worst customer service ever. After taking $6000 of my money they failed to deliver a Olds 455 engine as promised. Many, many, many phone calls and emails were not delivered. It was not until I threatened to call the State Troopers did the engine get shipped (10 days after they had said it was shipped and a month+ late). When the engine got here it was not complete. We had ordered a turn key engine and the engine was missing almost $1000 in parts. My mechanic finished building it on his own dime. We installed it on my boat. The engine didn't even last 30 minutes. My mechanic describes it as a "piece of junk". It lost all oil pressure and was put together wrong. Now my engine has to be uninstalled, completely rebuilt and reinstalled. The cost is about $12,000 including parts and over 50 hours labor. I am going to be suing (I am an attorney)and their Nevada Corporation is not going to help protect them. Stay away from this company for the love of God. They do not provide what they promise and they take your money up front!