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www.natural-acai-berry.com / sending me the pills and billing me

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Contact information:
Natural Acai Berry
5816 Summer Street
Niagara Falls
Phone: 905-357-2410
Ordered the free trial, gave them my credit card to pay for shipping. They just sent me another bottle that I did not order. I want to cancel but there is no address or email address that I can communicate with them. The phone number [protected] does not work. Can you please help me find them and get my money back.


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N  24th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Check under Cheshunt Overseas complaints also
A  26th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Check this other complaint, there have a phone number, I 'm having the same problem, but I'm calling right now while I'm typing. You will need to be patience, about 15 minutes waiting. https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/wwwnatural-acai-berrycom-c154724.html
A  26th of Jan, 2009 by 
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I am having the same problem. I call the number on the bottle and it is non working number. I printed the terms and conditions where it states to call the number to cancel. The number is a non working number. There is no address to write to and no number to call.
N  28th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Thank goodness I am not the only one dealing with the same problem! I have contacted my bank to try to stop the payments. I am at my wits end with this company. Who can we turn to about this? I am awaiting a response from my bank now, hopefully they can help me.
A  29th of Jan, 2009 by 
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I have experienced this problem call 18663764078 they will deny any wrong but will cancel any further shipments &provide a confirmation number than take this up with your credit card company
A  5th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I too was duped. charged 69.95 on my credit card. called the number 8663761465. They answered the phone right awayand talked to someone whose name i could not pronounce, but then i had to be put on hold so he could get his manager. About 12 minutes of listening to some fruity music, the manager, whose name i also could not pronounce, informed me that he could not give me a refund but would cancel any further orders. I expressed to him that I was only interested in the sample and did not authorize any future orders. He advised me that i agreed to the terms and conditions which states that additional product will be sent and that since i agreed to the consent he would not authorize a return. After a length argument they deny any wrong doing. Hopefully this is the end.
A  17th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I also fell for the trick about ordering the sample and then got an extra charge to my credit card of 69.95. When I call866-376-1465. they gave me the run around for about an hour. After talking to some guy that i could bearly understand he told me I needed to call back in about an hour to speak to a supervisor. I called back in about an hour and ten minutes and was told that all the supervisors and managers were in a meeting and could not come to the phone rigth now and that the could not issue a refund and to take it to my credit card company. Because of companies like this is very hard to trust any other inernet company I hope the this gets resolve and i learn my lesson no more online for me.
A  9th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I too fell into the same deal. I got their phone number from this web page. I got intouch with this company, Natures-Acai Berry. They agreed to cancel my so called 'membership' but would not refund my money charged to my credit card. I told them that I would report them to the Better Business Bureau. They told to go ahead and good luck. I wish I knew where I could report this company's web page . There must be something on the internet.
N  26th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I just went thru same thing they told me there a web site helpdesk@natural-acai-berry.com it don't work tried everything even called back you can complain on this site and maybe they'l do something hard to do when can't get site to work. He also said no return policy should have read terms iI did never read that. I canceled within 3 days of recieving trial now tellen me I never canceled then.I canceled 3weeks ago then got another order today and billed for 2 more bottles. Something needs to be done this is a joke. I wonder if people who promoted this product knows this is going on...
A  26th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I tried calling all the numbers on the transactions taken out of my bank account, and I too have had no luck in reaching them by phone. I had even changed my debit card and was given a new one by my bank, and they were able to get into the account and take the 69.98 out of my account. I am waiting to hear from my bank as to why they let them get money from me again. I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income and do not want any more. How can we stop this scam?

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