Workout world/Gold's Gym / illegal charges

West Rodbury, MA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 888-622-6290

I was a member of Gold's Gym, than I found out that Workout World charges my card instead of Gold's Gym. I was told that Gold's Gym in West Roxbury exists no more, and I was automatically transferred to Workout World members. Besides my Gold's Gym membership was cancelled . I have no notification that I was switched, I have no contract signed with WOW and I don't want to. I contacted ABC company but I was told that my contract with Gold's Gym allows me to be "sold" to different business, despite the fact that I was never notified about those changes, never was send any membership card to Workout World, etc. I cancelled this fraud membership but I want my money back and I want ABC company to stop charging my account.

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