Woolworths / unethical behaviour

Ararat, Victoria, Australia

This my 3rd email. I wasn't sure if the email went through because my computer crashed. The day the news broke of nice tragedy france I as many others found it upsetting. I went for petrol as I have two cars I buy at least once or twice a week. Staff are always friendly and the woman serving that day was normally bright and bubbly. I mentioned the france tragedy only to be chastised in front of a customer. Rude and uncalled for and telling me that isis wanted this sort of talk. I was flabbergasted I went to pay for petrol takes a few seconds no need for a lecture. She could have made a quick comment. I worked for telstra 14 years we were taught the respect the customer and listen. A few days later in for petrol again I felt uncomfortable with the attitude not nasty but an attitude cold and terse. As I am in shopping several times a week at woollies I find myself avoiding petrol when the same lady is working. Never have been in this situation and now I am thinking of changing where I get my petrol.. Hope this complaint arrives this time.
This was very humiliating. Thank you mrs whelan

Jul 29, 2016

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