Woolworthsunethical behaaviour

I am a pensioner and live 25klm from my nearest wolworths store in fernvale qld. It is a 50klm return trip so as I am a wildlife carer and feed lorrikeets during the day and possums at night I go through 2 loaves of bread each day. I buy the cheap 90 cent loaves in bulk and keep them in a small cold room. I always buy 20 loaves each time because of the distance and fuel cost. I have been doing this for as long as this cheap bread has been on sale. Before this I got it from aldi in gatton. Yesterday I went to get the bread and there was a woman filling the shelf. I said to her is it ok if I take it off the trolley instead of the shelf. She asked how many I wanted and when I told her she was very rude and told me I couldnt have that amount and I would have to order it so they know how much to bake. They do not bake it there!! I toldn her I always get that much but she said no. I asked other staff at the self serve section and they looked surprised but decided to agree with the rude one. I put my other purchases back and will not shop there ever gain. I am going to do formal complint to the manager. There has never been a sign saying that there is a limit on how much of that bread a customer can buy. Shame on wollworths.. I will be shopping at aldi a coles and drake from now on. Aldi sells the bread for 90 cents and never bother how much I buy. It is just further for me to travel 33klm an extra 16 klm return trip.

Dec 12, 2018

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