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To night I did a weekly shop at Woolworth's in Alice Springs. I then proceeded to the self serve checkout ( only ones operating) I had a full trolley load $400.00 worth of groceries. I am then told by a Woolworth's employee that I took up to much space. He expected me to lean over the trolley and operate the check out. He continued on several occasion to interfere and tell how to operate the check out and hovered around the check out. Why wasn't I sent to a full sized check out or assisted by a Woolworth employee . He wound me up at the check out and it took me over 30 mins to check out. How does Woolworth expect to keep customer when shopper are expected to use the self serve check outs designed for half a dozen items and then have Hitler laying down the law. I have been a supporter of Woolworth's for most of my life but now Cole's is looking some what better. Woolworth Alice Springs should do a survey asking what customers think of there single stand alone express chec kouts. I think cutting cost will be the end of Woolworth's in Alice Spring.

35 years a customer to Woolworth's

Apr 04, 2016
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  •   May 16, 2016

    Self checkout is just that: you do it yourself. If you wanted help, you should have went to a regular check out lane. Why should they have to send you to one in the first place? Having a full cart of groceries should have been a no brainer.

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  • Ja
      Aug 05, 2016

    Wine Is Good, you should reread what she said. The self-serve machines were the only ones open, there was no regular checkout open for her to go through

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  •   Aug 05, 2016

    I reread the post, and you are correct. I misread that. Unfortunately, as the poster has learned, after normal business hours only the self checkout lanes will be open. This is the way it is here in the US too in many stores that are 24 hours.

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