Woolworthsoverpriced grapes

On 22/01/15 I 'bought midnight beauty seedless grapes' from Woolworths store in Croydon (store Id 3216). There was no price tag at the shelf where we picked up the grapes... At the self-scan counter I was surprised to find that the grapes were priced $8.98/kg. I walked back to the shelf to check the price again, when I found that the price was not displayed at the shelf, I asked the attendant if the price was correct.. She assured me that the grapes were indeed $8.98/kg. by this time my husband had finished scanning all the items and we didn't bother about returning the extravagantly expensive grapes (we paid $9.74 for 1.085 kg grapes).
Next day my husband happened to go to the same store again to buy something else. He was shocked to find that the same 'midnight beauty seedless grapes' has a display stating 'was $2.89 now selling @ $1.89/kg '. He called me immediately to find out if I still had the receipt from previous night's purchase. Fortunately I still had the receipt in my wallet. When we questioned the staff at the customer service about the price difference, she said it was the fault of the scanning machine and refunded the extra money charged for the purchase (it was a refund of about $8.00).
My question is how does such a thing happen and customer is overcharged 8 times? Does the Woolworths store know how many customers bought those overpriced grapes that day and never realised they paid 8 times the correct price? How often does this happen at Woolworths? It is impossible to check the correct price of every item from the grocery trolley . Woolworths should track all the sales for those overpriced grapes and refund the money to the customers.
Very annoyed about this lapse from such a reputed retail giant..!!!

Jan 23, 2015

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