Woolworthslack of customer service

I have complained multiple times to local and area management as well as on the company website - to no avail.
The Deli department are the main offenders in the lack of customer service, closely followed by the cigarette counter at the Wallan Vic store.
Management always concede that the ticketing system was an expensive purchase and was installed for more efficient customer service. They insist that the Deli staff are supposed to use it but I feel that someone has forgotten to inform the Deli staff of this.
Today, one man who was in the queue of 5 (some had tickets and some didn't but this didn't matter because they weren't being used), became so angry at the delay and that the second staff member totally ignored the customers and continued to stick labels on the bagged chickens, that he became abusive. This could easily have turned into something dangerous and I can't understand why management isn't enforcing better customer service practices.
Some helpful suggestions;
Unless your staff possess ESP and can predict the flow of customers accurately, insist they use the ticketing machine at ALL times, Put a sign up that says customers (who never know what mood the staff are in so whether to take a ticket or not) with a ticket will be served first regardless of time of arrival.
Insist that your staff stop back end tasks and serve customers when they arrive. If these tasks are time critical (like getting hot chicken labelled and onto the warmer) then ensure they inform customers of what they are doing (instead of just ignoring them and avoiding eye contact) and then enlist the assistance of another member of staff to serve the rush.
Make people purchasing cigarettes come into the store and queue with everyone else to make purchases. It is completely unacceptable that someone who is just purchasing cigarettes should get preferential treatment and 'jump' the, often very long queue by going to the front of the store.
Your managers and staff clearly do not have the ability, or interest, in addressing these simple issues given the number of times I have complained.
Given that your staff feel so secure in their jobs, and the company so confident of their continued place in the market that they don't feel it necessary to act on valid customer complaints, it may be time to vote with my feet and shop elsewhere. Yes, it will be a minor inconvenience but I am sick to death of the laziness and incompetence I, and many other shoppers in the Wallan area, have to endure.

Jan 11, 2015

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