Woolworths Customer Servicesbad customer service from staff

I would like to complain about bad customer service at Rockdale's Woolworths. During Christmas Eve, a lot of the products often go on sale due to clearance and a lot of people wait around Woolworths for that. However, today, when I was shopping I asked one of the staff whether the roast chicken price would be reduced any more or not. However, the staff member was very rude and she replied that the chicken was going into the dump if it was not sold. Later that night, we saw the staff angrily clearing away the chicken and when a customer asked her if he could have a chicken since she was going to throw it away she replied in an angry voice that 'if you want a chicken, you can buy it yourself, I'm not giving you one.' I felt the staff member could have responded more appropriately to the customers and this type of incident has been happening for the past two years on Christmas Eve at Woolworths. I am very disappointed with the customer service that I experience at Woolworths and I sincerely hope that the management does something about this.

Dec 24, 2014

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