Woolworths CurrumundiStore service & workers

This store is always a bit untidy and doesn't feel clean, the deli staff are the rudest and they refuse to write the time their chickens are cooked on the bags (like every other store does)
I asked for chicken breasts from the deli and the boy got them fully wrapped them and then put them on the scale to weigh them and price them, when I said that's not right he become very defensive and said " that's how we all do it".
I said no you have to weigh then wrap, he then become very arrogant and threw the breasts back in the cabinet and started again.
You have to watch the scanners because products on special do not always scan right.
Over all this store just feels like it is poorly managed, under staffed, unclean & really needs some staff training.

Jul 07, 2016

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