Woolworths Australia / staff - brimbank shopping centre

Staff smoking outside the front door of Woolworths Brimbank.

Last night at 1830hrs I observed six staff crowded together outside the front door of the Woolworths entry door, smoking. Brimbank Shopping
Centre (BSC) has various designated areas for smokers, all of which are tightly managed and located away from entry points of the SC. The area these staff were standing is definitely NOT one such area. Given the right wind, smoke would readily drift back in the door of a food retailer, in this case Wolworths!

This is not a good look. When I see it, my first reaction is "will they all wash their hands after this?" Is management aware of this? Are management part of this (one of the staff was dressed like a manager)? Do they pick up all their butts?
Should I pass this on, to BSC Management to ensure it is better policed?

Woolworths have two other competitors at BSC, being Coles and ALDI. At no time would you EVER see staff from these competitors smoke in public view.

Not good enough, but a long way Woolworths!

Jul 24, 2018

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