Woolworths Australiaservice

I went in today to buy some lamb ribs, I asked one of the workers where that item was. He told me that he didn't know and that I should ask someone else and so I made my way to the service window in the meats section and rang the bell. After a few minutes I rang it again, this happened several more times until I had noticed on my phone that I had been standing there for about 10-20mins. As I was about to walk away someone peered there head from the corner however as soon as I made eye contact with them they scurried off.
Moments later a man who looked like a manager (based on his dress) walked past me and behind the counter, on his was to the backroom he looked at me making eye contact then looked away continuing to speak on the phone. I stupidly waited a few more minutes assuming that even if he wasn't able to serve he would tell someone else to. NOPE! I continued to wait for a few minutes before walking off.

Jun 06, 2018

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