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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I think that the navel ora gets in your stores a the worst oranges we have ever had . We are regular Woolworths shoppers and waiting for the quality of navel oranges to improve . They are currently very bad .
Where are the good ones or don't you want to pay for them .
When will the quality improve ?? ??
I have just peeled 4 oranges we bought in your store before I could find one with any juice in it .
Are we sending the good stuf overseas ??
Please get us some better navel oranges,
Alan Fraser
Please respond

  • Updated by Alan B Fraser, Oct 16, 2017

    The navel oranges available in Woolworths stores are the worst we have ever seen
    I have just peeled 4 oranges before I could find one that had some semblance of juice. They advertise that their oranges are the best ever. They are the worst ever. The American navel oranges are 10 times better. We are being treated like fools.
    We grow good navels, we are they going. To a market paying more??
    We are very disappointed as we enjoy oranges every night after dinner.
    Don't know where to go

Oct 16, 2017

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