Woolworths Australia — home delivery service

For more than a year I've been using the home delivery for my shopping at woolworths. The attraction was the convenience and as a mum who also works full time saves me from wrangling the kids to do the weekly shop. And since the first delivery I've been disappointed with the service provided. First was the app .. crashed often and would have to start over when it did but put up with it because I just had to get it done. Next was the lack of concern for the plastic bags used .. had 1 onion on 1 plastic bag once .. I've stockpiled bags of just bags in bags ... so I can re-use it for something else.. and such poor effort for Woolies to give alternative options for packaging despite their awareness. Lack of communication on unavailable products.. I find out pretty much when it's been delivered as I don't have time to stare at my phone waiting for an email ding so I can make a quick amendment to my order. Lastly the quality of fruit and vegetables. Tasteless.. soft apples🤢. Bags of mixed leafy salad that were wet in a sealed bag that smelled like sweaty feet. With the expiration dated for the next day. Couldn't bare to serve it to my kids... so it's binned. Why would a picker pick that ? Why would it even be on the shelf ? I've binned countless bags of leafy greens.. bottom line is I'm sick of it. I've submitted your surveys a few times for things to change. And little to no effort. And your promotional emails are annoying. I don't want to live at woolworths, so no need to tell me twice a day what I can buy. I have switched to Drakes -Foodland. Very very happy.

Nov 29, 2018

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