Woolworths Australia / fuel prices


The price of Diesel fuel went up 9c per litre on Thurs night at Leongatha (vic) service station. It was $1.29 late Thurs night, then $1.38 Fri morning. 9c price hike but only diesel, petrol still $1.29. The only servo in the area to put the price up. Diesel should be cheaper than petrol anyway as it's a bi-product. We always use this servo but pretty disappointed right now. We needed to fuel up to travel for a medical appt but as we travelled to it we passed several other servos with Diesel prices 9c+ cheaper. Even with our loyalty card it was still 5c p/l dearer. We are pensioners so this was quite a blow to the wallet, on top of medical appt out of pocket costs. Not much shopping for this week.

Oct 14, 2017

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