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There was an employee working at Bonnyrigg Woolworths on Wednesday 22/08/2018 around 7:30 pm. I didn't catch her name, but my partner thinks her name was Rosie, though is unsure. She was an elderly woman, short, frail, with short black hair and a faint fringe, and at that time she wore black-rimmed glasses. She seemed of Caucasian decent, yet my partner believed that she was Indian; her skin tone was fair however.

We had a raincheck for a product we wanted to purchase, however, the amount of product available in stores was 4. Our raincheck allowed us to the maximum quantity of 24. Our service lady, Sofia said that she is willing to deduct the amount we purchase in stores from our raincheck, though she didn't know how. Hence, she called over 'Rosie' for assistance and the elderly woman stated in a condescending and rude way that we weren't allowed to purchase those 24 items and a bottle of 1.5L of water is only 1 per customer, which is an obvious lie.

Sofia tried to help us and say that is was okay for us to purchase the 4 bottles of water, however, Rosie overrode her and said no. When we asked her why but she refused to give us an answer. She scanned our leftover items such as the chocolate, even though we were in self-serve... She double scanned the chocolate we bought and didn't remove it until we asked her nicely twice, and even Sofia had to remind her.

With the way we were treated, it was absolutely mortifying and it made us consumers feel degraded and demoralised due to her derogatory-like behaviour. She was absolutely rude, condescending, patronising, and acted as if she held a more superior 'status' than us, even though we were nice, kind, and understanding the entire time. We chose to ignore her disgusting behaviour, however, her foul attitude exceeded to an extent where we don't even want to shop at Woolworths anymore.
This might not be the case, but seemed as if she held prejudice against us due to our skin colour. This form of disliking was very apparent within her behaviour and it really disappointed us and made us feel dejected, especially since Woolworths is our go-to store.

Please take as much action as possible against her, this form of behaviour should not be evident within the Woolworths workforce. Employees like her should not be hired as this can ruin Woolworths reputation and lose its customer base. I'd like this conflict to be dealt with and her to understand the consequences of her demoralising actions.

Thank you.

  • Updated by Shen Yunlan, Aug 22, 2018

    On Wednesday 22/08/2018 around 7:30 pm, we went into Bonnyrigg Woolworths to use our raincheck of purchasing 24 bottles of water. The raincheck was issued by an employee around a fortnight prior, and when we went to go use it today at the supermarket, we were rejected by a rude and condescending elderly, black-haired, frail and short woman. She said we weren't allowed to purchase the 24 bottles of water even though we were allowed by other employees multiple amounts of times throughout the year.

    She didn't have a smile on her face, she was definitely extremely poor at customer service, and was attempting to usher us out of the store as quickly as possible, without us completing our transaction of purchasing our goods.

    This experience and service was absolutely disgusting and I definitely don't have the will to go shopping at Woolworths again.

    I would like this employee to be noted for her patronising and demoralising actions, and I would be extremely grateful if all employees in the future would not stop us from purchasing the amount of goods we want, especially if we received an official raincheck from the official Woolworths manager to purchase 24 bottles of water.
    It would be extremely appreciated if the rude, degrading, and absolutely awful employee is effectively dealt with.

    Thank you.

Aug 22, 2018

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