Woodsprings Suites / angela

Round Rock, TX, United States

I'm a guest at wood spring suites in round rock Texas and I'm complaining about the office lady Angela. First of all she's never in the office when a costermer is waiting on something they need. Every time the big boss leaves and Angela suppose to be working she leaves 5 minutes after. Angela also stays on the forth floor and sometimes she's on call and if our key is not working she has custermers wait for a long time when she does come down she has a big attitude towards us and costermers.. also this woodsprings suites in round rock Tx should have a higher boss other than the GM cause I feel some scandalous stuff is going on here.. the sent of marijuana is always in the hallways no says anything about it and mind u Angela stays on the fourth floor . Angela is a very unprofessional worker and curses every customer out calling them the b word as soon as they leave the office .. when I was staying there at the woodsprings suites in Roundrock Tx I've seen Angela go into costermers rooms as soon as they step out with our permission. She probably have the rite to do that but it's that she looking to suspect. Every time some 1 complains to the GM about her the GM makes excuses for her.. thank god I left I wouldn't recommend for no 1 to stay there as long as she's works there cause she will make your life a living hell and worst if u have children.. and also when I was staying there for the time being I would come at night from work and see her bringing all different type of guys to her room. Every worker at the wood spring suites in round rock should be checked out cause the all do scandalous stuff.. the favor 1 custermer and the other is left to hang.. favoritisms is not kool... so please do something about this place

Nov 12, 2018

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