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Woodforest National Bank / hmmm

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Was once employed with Woodforest, loved the people I work with, however the practices of the bank I didn't love. I understand who they target, second chance customers, however if you're not a second chance customer and you have a Woodforest check, there's hardly any business that takes their checks, they specifically say NO WOODFOREST CHECKS! Bad marketing ploy and also looks horrible on the bank. If you think about it, you're sharing the same bank with people with bad banking probs, I understand times are hard, but day after day i heard I didn't do this, or i didn't do that, come on now!!! I'm an absolutely free holder and plan on changing banks, sorry but I don't wanna look like i'm a hot check writer, cause I'm not. Woodforest will one day realize that they're never gonna get their money from the charged off accounts, they need to wake up and smell the coffee. These second chance customers don't care they'll just drain the account dry until it charges off! Some though, were amazing at handling their account, but most weren't at all. I didn't leave on bad terms, I just think that woodforest needs to change their banking practices or they're gonna lose their account holders.

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  • Ca
      18th of Jun, 2010
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    I bank at Woodforest and have a second-chance checking account. I have mismanaged accounts in the past and Woodforest is the only way to have an account while we are paying off old bills and getting our credit back on track. It's annoying to read so many complaints from people who are angry about NSF fees at Woodforest- as if other banks don't do the same thing when a customer bounces a check.
    Banking at Woodforest can be a little humiliating because you know everybody knows you probably bank there because you need the "second chance". I do understand that some people bank there because they offer very convenient hours, but most of their customers are there because no other bank will have them.
    But if you've messed up in the past, you should be thankful to have an account at all, and if you screw that one up, there's nobody to blame but yourself!

  • Te
      3rd of Jul, 2012
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    When I opened my account, I honestly was not aware of the second chance banking. I did it for convenience and because I left BB&T after I was being over charged. I think every bank has its issues as humans are the ones running the service. My other bank overdraw my account by holding my military pay for up to 10 days then charge me with outrageous fees. Woodforest isn't perfect (someone changed my address to a place I had never even heard of) but they have always been kind and even reversed fees when it was there error. I don't wait for my direct deposit (in fact, I usually get my pay a day early) and I have overdraft protection just in case. In my life, I bounced a series of checks and it was because my bank didnt post my paycheck for 10 day, and it wasn't Woodforest. I think they are a decent bank that has great potential. I hope no one judges me based on my bank, they should decide based on my actions and record! Btw: I have never seen a NO WOODFOREST CHECKS anywhere as they are a fully licensed bank, I imagine that would be illegal or at the very least violate FICA agreements, at least I think :)

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