Winn-Dixie Storesemployee

Store #1405, Gretna, Louisiana is the store where I make most of the purchases for my household. Today I had an unpleasant situation with one of your associated, his name is Wynton. I had few problems before with this employee, but I consider it usuals hickups you can have on some days. Today was a little different, I bought some meat and coffee and I was going to play some lottery numbers. Slips for megamillions was missing from the rack and I asked Wynton to please provide me with some( I know that there are plenty in the back, as this happened few times before and the employees that were working at those times were nice enough to get them from the back). He was not even thinking about checking for it, he categorically said, that they run out of it. Now, I know that it is not true, I saw his attitude and I told him to please check it out. He ignored me and after I asked him one more time he told me that I was rude, and wispered words that I was unable to ear. It was very unpleasant, and I told him that he cannot do that, that I am a costumer and he has to treat me as such. Hopefully the numbers that I was going to play would not be the winning ones, for I will be very mad and I will be possible suing someone, including the company. Please retrain this employee, he needs to be more respectfull towards the costumers.
Best Regards,
Maurizio S Muzzzetto.
[protected] is my email if you would like to contact me.

Jun 06, 2018

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