Windstream & Broadband Check-Up Utility / bcuc installation issue

Heath, OH, United States

It was a boring Friday night and I was surfing the net and noticed some of my videos would go into "buffering" etc. Went to and noticed my speeds were sometimes fast, some times good. Being the dutiful engineer that I am, I wanted to make sure the problem was not in my home network. I had noticed on the Windstream webpage that they had a "check-up" tool, which I downloaded and attempted to install.

(note: the PC is running Win7 64bit Ultimate (SP-1).

When I called into the 1-888 number and selected "all other internet related issues", it assumed that I had a DSL connectivity problem and proceeded to bounce/reset my DSL connection. It was quite annoying listening to a female voice telling me that I can easily fix my problem by resetting my DSL modem, when clearly I did NOT have a DSL modem problem. To make matters worse, there is no bypass (hit 0 for a CSR, etc) to get to a real human. (On a side note, the female voice seemed condescending and a bit snide).

Once I did get to a human, the CSR assumed I couldn't download the utility and started to walk me through on how to download it. I remarked that I already had done that and the problem was when I tried to install it. He put me on hold whilst he tried to find information. He came back on and asked if I had another computer to install it on. At the time, I didn't. So, end of call...time for some real engineer work!

I dug out an old laptop with was running Windows 7 Profession (SP-1) and tried to install the BCUC utility. Low and behold, it worked! But, it perplexed me since Win7 Pro and Win 7 Ultimate are essentially the same product. Then I noticed one small and significant difference: the Win7 Ultimate I have installed is the 64 bit version and the Win7 Pro is 32 bit.

Being ever the Good Engineer, I decided to share my findings with Windstream and see if there was a 64bit version. Instead of calling, I decided to submit my issue through their e-mail problem reporting (24-48 hour turn around). I got a reply back with "Broadband Check-up Center untility installation issue [Incident: [protected]]" email advising:

"Response (Vincent S.) - 08/02/2011 05:27 PM
To download the broadband check up center

disable all fire walls on the PC
you can only download it through internet explorer version 8 or earlier,
to get the link to download it is at"

Bloodyhell, do they ALL use the same script? Didn't they READ my write up of the issue? I sent them a follow-up to clarify the problem and ask that they elevate this to their 2nd level or their software support group. That was 3 days ago and still no reply.

Oh well, thank you for letting me vent this.

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