WinCo Foods / harassment

Idaho Falls Idaho, United States

Today went in to winco to go grab some of the candy and when I walked in that store my intention was to pay for my candy. Well I see people pack all sorts of candy in one bag and I go to pay and she told me to do it separately so went back and did what she asked. Well I hear her page 519 and so I left that big bag of candy and made new ones in little bags and an "undercover" witch was very obvious comes over looks at me walks past me then picks up that big bag of candy pits it back then asks how it's going I said good and left it at that. Then I go to pay for my candy and that same lady that told me I could pay for the big back watches everything I was checked by our one by one and I felt really harassed and will never step foot back in to Winco Foods in Idaho Falls

Jan 20, 2017

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