wilco hess / wrongful termination

Chapman road, Wytheville, VA, United States
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Phone: 276-620-5156

My son worked for Dairy Queen and it was graduation weekend and he was out of town with family.he had told Trina Grubb shift leader he couldn't work on Monday.when he went to see schedule on Tuesday may 26 he was told by shift leader he was fired.he told her on Saturday may 23rd he couldn't work.Schudule is supposed to be made on Sundays.l am going to pursue this because if she can do this it will happen more.the general manager is out on fmla.dont and she should have gone to her boss.She also called him a half breed in front of several other employees. If she is going to call names and wrongly fire people she is in wrong job.i will await a response from you before I Perdue this further.also I don't think a schedule can be used for discipline without any write ups or warnings.if I have the wrong department please forward this and I also plan on calling.thank you.

May 27, 2015

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