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White Castle / rude employee, shorted money, shorted fries, and hair in burger (still had follicle on it!)

1 Louisville, KY, United States
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Tried to file this on - failed - there were so many things wrong with this order that WC's complaint system wouldn't accept the complaint, so here it is for the world to see:

(see photo) Details: White Castle #060015, Sale #[protected], Team Member #592, April 21, 2017, Friday 11:55:07 am, *** Drive-thru ***, Register #5

My coworker and I drove to our local WC to pick up lunch and take it back to the office. The problems began the minute we were asked for our order. Out of Coke. In the middle of the day. OK, no big deal. So my coworker asked for her #2 without the Coke because that's all she drinks. "9.09, " is all Team Member #592 blurted-out, no thank you, please pull up to the window - nothing. So we intuitively pulled around to window. "9.09, " she says again. My coworker hands her a $10 bill and 9 cents. #592 goes away. Comes back and hands my coworker the bag. No money. Says nothing. Closes window. My coworker yells to the closed window, "You forgot our dollar!" #592 comes back to the window, opens it and claims, "No, I didn't." ??? We both exclaimed that she did NOT give us the money. She pauses. Then says, "It's in your bag." WHAT!? She put handled currency in with our food?! I took all of our food out of the bag in front of her - my onion ring box falls apart, onion rings everywhere now - no dollar in the bag! She disgustedly turns to the manager to get the key to unlock the drawer and hands us the dollar - no sorry, thank you, nothing at all. As we were leaving the parking lot to return to work I discover the french fries we ordered are not in the bag - they're on the receipt, we paid for them, but they're not in the bag. We just kept going. This has been bad enough.

Finished? Nah, not done yet. Back at the office, I am finishing up my second cheeseburger and I see a thin black thing sticking out of my sandwich - looks like a hair - IT IS A HAIR!!! because the hair follicle (not a word often used in conjunction with FOOD!) is STILL ON IT!!!

Obviously, this is VERY POOR behavior on the part of your team member #592. I'm disgusted and now nauseated because I was down to my last bite when I discovered the hair! Could that visit have gone any worse? Nope. Completely disgusted and rightfully so.

White Castle

Apr 21, 2017

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