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Whirlpool / microwave caught on fire

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I posted a complaint earlier about our Whirlpool microwave catching on fire while cooking popcorn. I forgot to attach the picture... so here it is. It's a good thing that our 11 year old son wasn't using the microwave to cook popcorn after coming home from school because he would have panicked and the house would have burned down. Our model was a built-in with trim kit, etc. We had to unscrew everything before we could take it out to the garage.

We contacted Whirlpool and they sent out a local factory trained technician to investigate. He says that the magnetron was faulty. That was a couple of days ago. Still haven't heard back from Whirlpool. So... I'm researching on the internet to find others who have had this unbelievably exciting experience.

Oh, by the way, the microwave was set on the "sensor cook" mode for popcorn. It works really well... usually... or, until it catches on fire.


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  26th of Oct, 2010
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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it didn't even burn the popcorn... just the microwave.

  26th of Oct, 2010
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you got have no room to complain

  19th of Dec, 2010
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I had the same problem but with a bake potatoe, I used the right setting and stayed in the kitchen. Next thing I know the potatoe is charred and on fire.

  19th of Apr, 2018
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@joe perez I have a Maytag microwave like the 1.8 million that were recalled because they are a fire hazard. I hit the baked potato sensor button. While the potato was baking, I happened to be working at the sink and I heard a whop and smelled smoke. I turned around to see the inside of my microwave was on fire. I unplugged it and put the fire out. I contacted Whirlpool who bought out Maytag because Maytag had to recall 1.8 million macrowaves because they were a fire hazard. Whirlpool sent out a safety tech to record the results of the fire. He said that Whirlpool would be replacing my SS microwave at no cost to me because it could well have burned my house down. Then Whirlpool called me and told me they would give me a 30% discount off the purchase price of a new microwave. I have been cheated. What should I do? I have taken pictures.

  23rd of Apr, 2018
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@Sattvguys Sattvguys, we're sorry to hear of your frustrations. We regret that your not completely satisfied with resolution offered through our Specialty Team. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this resolution, we can only recommend reaching back out to them with your concerns.

  23rd of Apr, 2018
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@Maytag admin I already reached out to them again only to grt the same brushoss. If a microwave dies, it should just quit, not try to burn down your home. No more Maytag or Whirlpool appliances for me.

  28th of Oct, 2012
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I also had the same issue with my Whirlpool Microwave Model: MH1150XMQ-0 ( see attached photo)

  17th of Jul, 2014
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Whirlpool microwave / exhaust combo caught on fire! Set 8 minutes for baked potato and left to work outside a bit. Returned 20 minutes later, microwave still going and flames
Are coming out! Melted the inside, plate in pieces, totally destroyed and w have burned my home down! Whirlpool told me it was out of warranty so there are coming to look, but
Don't even plan to replace! Last year my whirlpool stovetop exploded! Into a million pieces of glass! From boiling some water! Yeah! Nice to know you pay top money for these and they can kill you!!

  1st of Oct, 2015
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My Whirlpool Microwave Model GH7208XRQ-2 has had several near-fires that smoked up the whole kitchen due to changing the cook time by itself. I tell it 2 minutes (2+0+0) and it gives itself 2 hours and 40 minutes. I give it 50 seconds and it changes itself to 8 minutes. Luckily you can smell it before a big fire starts. Also, the front door is cracked in two places and several pieces have broken off. It's only 5 years old. I called Whirlpool 3 years ago to report the problem and they blew me off. They said it was my microwave and my problem.

  5th of Nov, 2015
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We bought a group of Whirlpool appliances to go in my 78 year old mothers kitchen in our lower level. She put a potato in on the potato setting. Came back 3 minutes later to the smell of smoke and thought I had burned something cooking upstairs. She opened the door of her microwave and smoke billowed out. Her potato was totally burned and when she put it in the sink a piece came off and had a flame on it. I asked her how LONG she cooked it for, did she have metal in there, etc. and the answer was no--just the potato. I called and Whirlpool and they acted like they had NEVER heard of such a thing happening before. I thought my mother must have done something and she wasn't telling us. While on hold I googled "potato caught on fire in Whirlpool microwave" and found all your posts--thank you all for posting. When another lady came back on the line she said, "So you THINK a potato may have burned?" I said, "I have no doubt it went up in's charred all the way through." I told her what I had discovered online and she said it's common for this to happen with potatoes and other vegetables. Really? I'm 51 and have NEVER had anything ever even BURN in a microwave. They are sending a repair person today to see if it will be replaced or fixed. The inside of the microwave is scorched and it went completely dead. I bought the 5 yr extended warranty with Home Depot but I am very uncomfortable with this microwave now. Even if they replace it I won't trust it -- especially with an almost 80 year old mother downstairs. I fear the house will burn down now. I switched to Whirlpool because they are made in the USA and I'm very disappointed. (I tried to attach a photo and I won't load it)

  23rd of Apr, 2018
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@Tracy Gary The sad sad thing was thAt my potato was civered with melted plastic but was NOT even cooked otherwise. It eas still a raw potato inside.

  13th of Nov, 2015
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just had the same thing happen to a kenmore micro wave

  4th of Feb, 2016
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This same thing just happened to me...I threw a bag of popcorn in the microwave on the popcorn setting. I went to grab something out of another room and I came back for the entire bag to be on fire. Not only that but it took 3 cups of water to put the tiny little bag out!! Being super curious, I looked in the bag and it didn't even pop the popcorn it just caught it on fire. It also burnt most of the interior of it too. The worst part is I bought the microwave 2 months ago! Hopefully whirlpool will get the memo...

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