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I am an rn, work nights, go to whataburger at night after midnight, sometimes as late as 0400 in the am. My complaint is that out of three different stores in conroe tx it seems that the shake machine is always down for cleaning, especially the newest store. Also the new stores are unable to add extra chocolate to the shakes. If the machines are to be closed every night for cleaning why not have two machines so one would always be up and running.

May 28, 2018
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  • Em
      Jun 09, 2018

    I see your point, but they would have to clean out both shake machines at the same time, otherwise the person cleaning, depending if they are complaining or tired, gives the shake machines a quick "clean" just to get out of there and go home. What's better, having a clean shake machine or a shake machine that has been "cleaned"? I know this is not the case for all the stores, but adding another shake machine to clean wouldn't help, since Whataburger is open 24 hours, business usually slows down enough around 3a-4a (depending on location )to where employees are able to clean the store thoroughly and provide that nice clean feel throughout the store. I hope you can see where I am coming from, since I am an employee at Whataburger, I've seen what I'm writing in this comment, plenty of times (even sometimes, I have to clean the shake machine and I know that I'm tired and want to go home, but I know that I have to do it so I just suck it up and do it without complaint) that's not the case for some other people or stores, it all just depends on the person-in-charge and their ability to run the store as a manager.

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