Whataburger / integrity of the workers and timeliness

Rowlett, TX, United States

Okay workers at this certain location just don't give a ####, excuse my language, they hide later at night and blast music and you can be waiting hours and they WILL NOT help you, you literally have to be the a-hole customer and like holler back into the kitchen to get someone's attention then when they come they have an attitude with you like you're not supposed to be eating there or something, from then on they make your food and the whole time make jokes and say stuff you can't hear and constantly look up at you to see if you heard or something, makes you start wondering what they may be doing to your food?? Then once they bring your food I still politely say thanks man I appreciate it, and he doesn't say a word back nor does he change his expression or acknowledge I even said anything just simply walks away. I'm just tired of it, making you feel like the bad guy for wanting some whataburger, makes you not want to go anymore or just not as often,

Jan 29, 2017

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