WestJet / cancelled flight

This morning I woke to find out my 11:15 direct flight from Toronto to Edmonton had been cancelled. I did not receive any notification via email or phone that the flight was cancelled. I called the toll free # and waited for an hour to find out there was no flights until Apr 3. She then checked with another member and they were able to put me on a milk run flight - Toronto to Winnipeg then a almost 5 hr wait and then on to Saskatoon then Edmonton. There was no discussion of any perks for the hassle and inconvenience nor reimbursement of any funds. Typically multi stop flights are cheaper than direct. I am thankful I was able to get a flight but disappointed in the way it was handled. I understand things happen that are out of the airlines hands but this experience has left me wondering if I will book again with Westjet.

Sherri Cosstick

Mar 31, 2017

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