WestJet Airlinesunprofessional service

I always use west jet when i'm going from puerto plata (dominican rep.) to canada because usually offers the best prices and schedules. On my last (january 18th 2018) trip this is what happened: when i'm going to check the west jet agent that is checking me in is interrupted by a different agent, seemed like his superior and starts checking at my passport, I don't have any problem with that, this person starts making me questions about my trip which is normal, but in bad terms he asks me if I know that to go to canada I need a different visa, so I responded to him that I do, it's righ there in my passport, because I have more than 1 visa, 1 to us and 1 to canada, and I have several entries to both countries, the guy in a very irrespectful tone and in a mocking actitude keeps asking me question, I don't know why and without any explanations and without saying a word he takes my passport to a different place, for about 10 my country is illegal to take somebody's documentation without permission or any explanation specially for that amount of time. If the airline has some type of documents revision that is perfect but that doesn't allow an agent to take documentation without explanation and act rude to a customer. My documents are perfectly in order and in my opinion he could need some training about the different visas that can be hold by a person in a passport, that's without mention the irrespectful behavior he showed. The agent works in puerto plata airport. This happened around 2 pm and I really hope you train the personnel about good manners, how to treat customers and about how to performer a function without violent laws in a country.

Jan 29, 2018

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