WestJet Airlinespoor value, terrible service

I noticed the flight attendant, pictured below, making awful faces during the French part of the safety demonstration. During the flight I had the opportunity to ask her why she was making faces like she was disgusted. She replied to me that she "hated doing the French part of the demonstration"
As a third generation French Canadian, I find this attitude inappropriate and highly offensive. I told this young lady that maybe flight attendant wasn't her calling. At this same time, the gentleman sitting across the isle from me touched her shoulder to get her attention. She told him it was VERY inappropriate to touch her and she stormed off. Although I wasn't traveling with this gentleman, I have gotten to know him as we are often on the same flights. I have always found him to be polite and considerate of the flight crew and the other guests. (Often helping less able bodied people with their luggage etc)

This flight attendant ignored both of us for the rest of the flight and when we both tried to order drinks from the male flight attendant, we were informed that he was not able to serve us due to inappropriate touching of the other flight attendant.
I can tell you that there was NOTHING inappropriate except the attitude of this young lady and furthermore I wasn't the one who touched her, I wasn't flying with the gentleman that did and I am still appalled by this flight attendants actions and attitude.
I don't normally take pictures of people but found it necessary to be able to identify her.
As I am currently booked through to the end of the year, I can honestly say I hope I don't have to endure this person again working on any Westjet flight but if I do I will have to look at different flight options for the future.

Nov 22, 2018

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