Western Dental Services Corporate / fraud & unlicense practice of law

Main Street, Orange, CA, United States
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Since 9/22/11 two women working in what they call the "legal" department at Western Dental Corporate had me convinced that they were both attorneys when in fact they are not. They (Natalie Perez & Sushma Corbin) claim to have written the financial contract that everyone signs when credit is extended. Furthermore, they used their posed positions and titles as attorneys to extort an illegal amount of money from me all with the intention of continuing and covering up fraudulent activities.

I believe that this tactic is also used to cause one to loose out on their Statue of Limitations to seek relief. Therefore, Do Not waste Your Time TRYING TO NEGOTIATEWITH THEM. BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE YOU BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE GOING TO INVESTIGATE BUT THEY WILL KEEP PUTTING YOU OFF UNTIL YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE left.

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