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Western Dental is the shadiest most unprofessional company I've ever dealt with. Feb. 2011 I was offered a "discount" if I sent in $1250, said they would close my account. Now I'm getting billed $1065. I called and a rep said "there was never a discount applied". Second time I called "need to audit account", I left a message with Supervisor CARLOS ROBLES at least 3 times, he never called me. Third time I called rep said the request for auditing was never done, she would ask for it. Fourth time I called they said I needed to go to my local office in Hawthorne, CA. Went to local office, manager was very nice & said I had to call corporate office. Fourth time calling corporate office and the rep said they mixed my daughters chart with my son, $1250 was added to wrong chart. Fifth time I called again no audit info yet. This has been going on for 1 year!! Now if I don't give a payment they will not continue with my son's braces and I'm getting automatic calls that I need to call back about my "bill". MY RECCOMEDATION, GO WITH ANOTHER DENTIST OFFICE. THEY MAKE IT SOUND LIKE THEY'RE HELPING YOU TO GET YOU HOOKED IN AND THEN THEY JUST TREAT YOU LIKE CRAP!!

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  • Ha
      Nov 02, 2010
    Western Dental - denail of treatment
    western dental
    500 2nd st
    El Cajon
    United States

    they[ western dental deneil of treatment even through i was in touch pain
    they did not treat me at i do have witness

    harry ryer

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  • Sh
      May 13, 2012

    The first thing you must do is file a forrmal grievance with Western Dental. This Will stop all collection efforrts. You can file this grievance by phone, mail or my personal favorite is via their web page. Because it Willl send you a auto reply acknowledging that they received the complaint. Use this for proof that you filed it.

    Then I would recommend contacting me via email shesharpshoots at gmail .com. if I present my email the other way the computer Willl block it. I can help you navigate this company.
    My family and I are just victims of this company's antics. As a group, we are stronger. As individuals, we are just people whining on a blog. Contact me

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  • Tp
      Jun 28, 2012

    After reading this I am really angry. I have literally been extorted by Western Dental. I paid off my account in full and then they came back months after I was done with treatment saying that I owed $196.00. Originally, the estimate for my braces was $3500, then after 2 years and me paying the account off they said that in order for them to finish treatment it was going to cost another $1500, which I paid off as well. After I disputed the additional $196 charge, they reported me to the credit agencies. It ended up costing me a couple thousand dollars when my low interest loan was denied and I ended up paying them the $196 with their promise to remove their reporting to the credit agencies. This organization should be put out of business for unethical business practice. On top of everything else, my teeth aren't much better than they were... now I have additional problems with my bite.

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  • Sh
      Jul 20, 2012

    Have you filed the grievance with Western Dental yet? Please do this immediately. Then contact the ca dept of managed healthcare at
    Your complaint will not fall upon deaf ears

    It is time for all of us to become one voice to put a stop to this type of behavior.

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  • Sh
      Mar 24, 2015

    Everytime I contact Western Dental I get told I owe a different ammount. I ask to get my account audited and after about 8 attempts it hasn't been done. I asked for an itamized statement showing the charges and the payments made, nothing. I know what I owe because I have gone back and tracked my payments from the original contract and they have added about $900 onto my account out of nowhere. The worst part is, they wont send me how this figure came about. I have a Grievance case with them regarding a bridge that fell off a year after it was put in. I don't know what to do.

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