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Wells Fargo - Wachovia / denial of fraud claim with proof given

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Phone: Fax# (704) 427-5505

Dear Ma’am or Sir:
I am pleading to anyone to hear and to help me correct our accounts. On numerous previous dates, I notified my Wachovia bank branch and have been working with the Wachovia Bank fraud Dept (numerous other Departments as well) by telephone that the credit cards issued to me and my cousin (Edward Humphrey) had been compromised. Our statements show unauthorized transactions charged to our cards after I reported it. When I call to inquire about a resolution, I am told that there is no record of my reporting unauthorized transactions. This is the most illogical and puzzling aspect of reporting suspicious transactions and being told I must go to my branch, file a police report, and have my bank representative assist me. This created a loop that had no end. Thankfully, I did keep notes.
We have banked with what we call my Wachovia since 1984. We also were patient as my Wachovia weathered through the economic problems they were experiencing and we still have faith that we will be heard and my Wachovia will do the right thing. Our branch was also aware of my disability and that Ed was legally allowed access to all accounts. Our personal and medical information is necessary to address because unethical villains (employees of Wachovia Bank ) mentioned or made sensational comments that we should have received a settlement from my mother’s death and my medical history “does not sound so terminal” since I was still alive. Therefore, you will see some medical information attached in a previous document to show these cold-hearted villains proof.
I called the respective companies on, 28 Jan 2010, and was treated for the most part very respectfully. A hero with my Wachovia named Latasha Sally (5+) spent a long time checking my account and discovered that I indeed did have disputes and she could not find any reimbursement to my checking account from CIT finance. She connected me with her supervisor after being so kind and thoughtful, so I could inform her supervisor I had a grading system of bad service =one, and the best service being a five. Afterwards I was connected to a “dispute representative, ” a male who did not give his name. He was very arrogant and informed me that since there was no dispute claim within the past 90 days, so I had no case. He then informed me “that state governmental representatives had no jurisdiction on the bank” and if I wanted reimbursed, I would have to file a small claims court suit against CIT. I discovered that CIT was getting money without my approval since my health insurance was supposed to pay them. Each time I called and stressed this issue, I was told the money would be credited-there is no record of reversal or credit to this day and CIT was paid with refusing to refund money stating this was “the bank’s matter.”
I recently had my cousin and a friend read my mail and email, and when I was told that information was requested no later than January 31, 2010, from Ms. Mynah. This is the female employee I was transferred to by phone with fraud and she was helpful, kind, and seemed to care, so I have come full circle with my issues. After hearing this and told the date of the letter was January 21, 2010, with the postal date of February 4, 2010. I sat on the floor and just sobbed due to the feeling of not being understood, treated poorly, and called essentially a liar since “no records of my account had even the word of fraud in them.” Now the first hero I had at Wachovia sent me a illegible form with yellow highlighted areas to fill out, as if I were stupid. I AM NOT STUPID, I AM BLIND. As I stated earlier, I already filled out the forms required (see first sentence in this paragraph) about 4 times and now I have to do this again?
I was injured at work a couple of times from [protected], after working in the medical field since 1976. I loved my job as a bedside nurse in neurological and cardiologic intensive care. However, after a permanent injury, I had to find another area in nursing that could accommodate my disability without danger to me or another person. This meant going back to school to obtain a higher degree to teach nursing. My disability payments were incredibly smaller than what I made working bedside, however, I was able to pay all bills on time. I noticed some questionable activity on my ledger that did not match my Wachovia’s, from October 2007 to December 2007. I was told this was not a problem.
When we got home briefly in May 2008, after my mom and a niece passing away, we had numerous phone messages that no payment was received from creditors. Checking the bank ledger revealed numerous cash withdrawals from credit cards when I never use “credit cards” for cash at a higher interest rate. The bank ledger also listed charges not made by us. Then the ultimate surprise was that the bank ledger listed payments posted to our bill collectors but the bill collectors claim no payment had been received. I had to call all accounts individually, discuss the issues I found, and to cancel the cards immediately. Each account representative informed me that the proper procedure prior to claiming fraud was to check each transaction and dispute it. When this has been completed for all accounts, then fraud claims could be addressed. I disputed claims and was humbled because each time I sent the dispute form in by fax, no one called to inform me that I had not filled the form out properly-this added to the time factor of prompt reporting. When I noticed the bank ledger had completed no reversal, I called the respective department and was then told that the form was not completed accurately. The stress and my nerves were incredibly brittle. I continued filling out the forms until I got them correct. Latasha was able to find these documents easily and I took confirmed appropriate action.
I was told that my insurance on the Prime Equity Loan had been cancelled in May 2009. We both searched to see if there was ever insurance on our charge cards, but could not find any insurance on them. Therefore, I was advised that my insurance should help me out. When I ask about this now, the subject changes and I am told to send information documented with my health history changes.
I fell and hit my head with severe injury to my neck and became blind in October 2009. This has really been hard for me and now even after hopeful surgery, we will not know if my vision will come back permanently. In addition to the visual impairment, I now have additional irreparable neurological challenges affecting the use of my left arm from the neck injuries stemming from that fall. I did speak with another hero- one of this person’s supervisors- Ms. Proctor, who helped me months earlier and explained my current condition with her speaking with Ed to write some contact numbers down. Despite some cold-hearted people, I included some documentation to show some proof of my condition in a prior document with my notes.
Discovercard has also been affected similarly after getting the information from a payment and they have refused to initiate a fraud investigation based on Wachovia’s findings. Discovercard also cancelled my insurance on that account. I know if I had been taken seriously at the onset by “my Wachovia”, then collectively we all could have stopped any further action of “stealing” including my cousin’s and my savings account. I also would not know about Bankcard Services nor even have new cards with compromised cards cancelled which proves my calling the bank. This means that I did contact the bank in a timely manner, the people I dealt with just did not put the pieces together, and I have had to endure a horrible experience. I am not the only person treated this way as I told of my observing the treatment of a poor elder man’s treatment in an earlier letter. With all the people unemployed or those that have a higher degree, why do these villains still work for the company and justify a bonus?
The government has determined that I must be very disabled or have a life-limiting illness to receive Medicaid. What gives Wachovia’s representatives the right to judge and make such ignorant and hurtful statements in regards to my health? Believe me, with all my education, my professional experience (which by the way I have paid and continue to pay taxes as well) and my health situation, to be receiving Medicaid is not by choice, however; a necessity. Prior to my injuries, I used to work 80+ hours a week as a Professional Registered Nurse caring for others in their time of need. With all my checks/income deposited in my Wachovia for over 20+ years, I would have expected much better response to this obvious security breech
to my accounts after such loyalty on my end. Instead, I have been treated as though I am asking for a hand out for what is rightfully mine. I am asking for the return of the money and restoration of my credit. All that was stolen from my accounts, the breech, along with the long lag-time without appropriate action on Wachovia’s part has adversely affected my good credit. I believe that it is now time for my Wachovia to take some responsibility in protecting their customer’s accounts and rectifying their (Wachovia) mistakes when a breech has occurred. In my case, this should have happened at the onset. I would also like to know if my Wachovia is in fact unaffected by state representatives.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Billy W Childress Jr.

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  • Su
      27th of May, 2011
    Wells Fargo - Wachovia - Wachovia becoming Wells Fargo = More Fees
    Wells Fargo
    New Jersey
    United States

    When my account went from Wachovia to Wells Fargo all hell broke loose. My overdrafts were now NSF Fees AND overdraft fees and then they would not pay the bill and the other company would charge me a late fee! This DID NOT happen when my account was with wachovia. Furthermore I have had TERRIBLE customer service to the point that their service was rude and dismissive. It is my strong belief that since Wachovia has become Wells Fargo, it has gone downhill as a company and is a snake waiting to strike. If at all possible, move your account out of this bank.


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  • Su
      28th of May, 2011

    Many banks allow this and it was wachovia's policy to allow them. This is also a common practice for many americans. We MUST use these overdrafts to pay bills from time to time. It is shown that the 4 billion in overdraft fees taken yearly is done primarily by the same repeat "offenders". If you happen to have the luxury of not being almost forced to use this feature then you are lucky. Your sarcasm in this regard is the same thing that prevents congress from passing stricter laws on fees that banks charge for overdrafts.

    There are over 50 class action lawsuits against banks for these fees and the policies which effect them. Other, and in my opinion more responsibile, banks have completely done away with these fees while others provide more effective management of this issue (ex: ING allows for customers to add a one thousand dollar overdraft line of credit).

    One such policy I have been a victim of and I'll explain:
    1) Wed. 345 dollars where in the account
    2) 11 purchases were made on a debit card on thursday totalling 235. Friday, a large payment of 400 dollars was processed.
    3) Saturday all of these were calculated with overdraft fees.
    4) 12x $35 = $370
    5) Check for 1, 000 deposited on tuesday.
    6) The true overdraft charge should have been 35 dollars but the items were processed specifically out of order to maximize bank profit.
    7) now being out $370, I had to overdraft again the next month

    This system is corrupt. Plain and simple. I would appreciate less sarcasm and more intelligent discussion of issues in the future. This isn't just my problem, it is yours as well. The effects of policies such as this are far reaching and extremely detrimental to all americans. 4 billion dollars isn't just a drop in the bucket to discourage poor banking, it is a fine tuned machine to extort a society that has become dependent on the banking industry.

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  • Ni
      28th of May, 2011

    I closed my account for some of the same reason. to many extra charges

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  • Su
      29th of May, 2011

    Since Ellen decided to post here as well, I will too.

    Ellen - Responsibility has nothing to do with what I wrote. I pay my bills on time regardless of any circumstances. At times, unfortunately, I have no other recourse then to overdraft my account. This is done because paychecks are done at intervals, checks clear at intervals, bills arriveat intervals and despite anyones best efforts, if you are living paycheck to paycheck then it does become tough.

    "Writing a check when funds are not available is a crime." - Yes, as I stated before though, there are circumstances which automatic payments causing overdrafts are unavoidable. Personally, I'd rather be prosecuted for the bounced check then have my credit card bill be late and have it follow me around in my credit report for the next 7-10 years. costing me on average over $15, 000 a year. I'd gladly pay the fine that is infinatively smaller or even sit in jail.

    You wrote:
    "Since items post largest to smallest, you were correctly charged for overdraft fees." - I did not deny that this was in fact the policy of the bank. That, however, does NOT make them right. This policy is designed solely to favor the bank. They could just as easily charged me one overdraft.

    There are hundreds of bills in congress at the moment attempting to make real change to better the american people so that we don't get charged billions of dollars needlessly. It is your self righteous, holier than thou attitude combined with sarcasm and the banks being able to hire lawyers and lobbyists that prevent any real change from happening. You blindly follow a system and believe because it has worked out all right for you that it isn't flawed or unfair to certain individuals.

    Furthermore, you assume so much about me I find it disrespectful, rude and completely ignorant as well as self righteous and self serving. It's almost like you working for the companies that do their absolute best to take every last dime from us for no other reason but that we've no other choice.

    From your blather, it's safe to assume that you believe someone working their ### off that continually makes ends meet should be living in a trailer park in the middle of no where eating mac and cheese just because they have the gaul to use an option that is readily available to them.

    I'm not upset over the overdraft, I'm upset that this particular company and how poorly they handled it. If you had to borrow a VERY small ammount from a rich friend (say this friend has billions and you want 300 bucks), and he says no problem, $35. And then calls you 10 days later threatening to effect your reputation for the next 10 years if you don't pay him immediately. Then AFTER you pay him has a bunch of goons calling you on every telephone number, email address and mailing address you've ever had demanding that you pay him? I think you'd be rather upset with that friend and think that people shouldn't do business with him, am I right? I'd like to see you have the guts to recomend him to others and then support some [censored] online that says he's completely within his rights to do what he did.

    I truely believe that you're completely ignorant of the plights of the average american. Either you're a housewife or make much more than the average american.

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  • Su
      29th of May, 2011

    Furthermore, Wachovia IS Wells Fargo now however they HAVE changed various policies WITHOUT notice to the customer. I have a degree from one of the better schools in the country for business. I know EXACTLY how to balance my checkbook, I'm a class or two and a test from being a CPA. If you don't believe that some people have no other choice but to use the options open to them then go do some research that shows how living on minimum wage does not allow a person the basics of life. Then go search for information on how many people were FORCED into that situation due to job loss, wage cuts, the crashes of multiple industries and overseas compitition. Your inane regurgitation of bank policy is the same type of ### that allowed media personalities and government officials to blame the housing problems on the sub prime morgage. Hey, they didn't understand the contract... now we're screwed... it's their fault! No it was the lawmakers allowing banks to make enticing loans that allowed millions to pay less on a morgage payment then they do on rent. That's not these peoples fault. Tell anyone they can save $500 on average and live in a house instead of an apartment. You'd do it too. And it was truely less then 10% of the actual problem.

    Nimham, I know how it is. I've found a couple banks that are much more reasonable on fees, some even completely eliminate them. Good luck in the future.

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  • Su
      29th of May, 2011

    Ellen you're completely missing my point and are at this point trolling. I think you're completely ignorant of the topic and are using your impressive misreading skills to manipulate my very justified point into a supposed deriliction of my responsibilities. As a CPA, I would MOST DEFINATELY tell my client to pay their bills and avoid any repercusions to their credit report then to chose to "not pay" a bill and suffer 10 odd years of persecution because of it. Furthermore, as I said, I AM NOT a CPA, I merely could be. My degree is in business and as a businessman, I understand that greed drives these companies. Don't understand that? Go read a little book called The Prince by Machiavelli. The problem is that the old addage "greed is good" is only indicative of human behavior in a business sense and NOT a responsible way to dictate policy for people who are damn near subjucated by these policies.

    I don't need to "look" at it differently, I understand why and to what ends these companies have these practices. Again, I AM NOT UPSET WITH THE ACTUAL OVERDRAFT CHARGE (as you continually try to attack in a completely idiotic manner). The policies wich surround them, and in this case the manipulation of policies and how they work to the point that I'm charged double the fees I'm supposed to and then STILL do not have the bill payed is why I am upset. I DO pay for this convenience and find that it is enevitable in some circumstances however that should not give a company the right to double and triple charge. If you went to walmart bought a shirt on layaway for 10 dollars and the layaway charge was 35 dollars then were told is was 70 then you were told you have to pay the 70 dollars but could NOT have the shirt, you'd be a little upset. That's basically what this bank did to me.

    As you continually point out, I did Choose to have this happen. But what choice do I have? I might as well have a gun to my head as you so elequently put it. It's as if they say "hey, pay us whatever charges we want or your whole lifes ###ed for the next 7-10 years!"

    You're an ignorant troll. It seems like you work for these companies. Why else would you defend them? You're so self righteous that you are going to pick on some guy that got taken advantage of? I somehow doubt it.

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  • Su
      30th of May, 2011

    Thanks for agreeing with me Gator, as my OP states I would NOT bank with wachovia since it became wells fargo. The transition was not a continuation of the banking we as customers had come to expect, it was a new bank that would not be the same and from my experience that meant don't bank with wells fargo and it was time to move on.

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  • Su
      31st of May, 2011

    I did nothing unlawful, I find it libelous that you would insinuate as such.

    You're analogy about a cop not allowing me to speed on the next shift is not correct.

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  • Su
      31st of May, 2011

    Keep assuming. You know the old saying that goes with it. Long story short, wells fargo is not the same as wachovia despite them telling customers that nothing had changed.

    You guys are trolls and live up to every expectation of one.

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