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Wells Fargo Visa / harassing phone calls

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I have been a credit card customer for 12 years, pay every bill on time and never late, never hold a balance, charge about $12000 annually and pay in full every month. Last month only used $10 and apparently the bill never arrived, so I'm late 1 week. Wells Fargo calls me up while I'm driving, insists to collect over the phone (blocked ID, fraud risk), and also driving risk. I told them to send me duplicate of the bill and I'd pay immediately. The a-hole on the phone told me that I'm damaging my credit by delaying the $10 a few days. I called 1 hr later to speak to a weasel of a supervisor named Derek, and he was as bad as the first ###, refused to repudiate anything the other guy did (including trying to collect part of the bill that isn't due 'til next month), I told him either I want an apology or I'm canceling the card. The weasel Derek said no problem. The card is canceled. I will never use WF again for anything. I have about 9 more decent cards to choose from. I hope they are bankrupt soon. Hope the corporate management might see this story and figure out what kind of a-holes they have over there, chasing away good (excellent) customers.

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  • We
      28th of Dec, 2008
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    Wells Fargo Visa - Absurd policy
    Wells Fargo
    New Jersey
    United States

    I have had a credit card with Wells Fargo for 10 years. This afternoon I used my Wells Fargo Visa and was told it was declined. It was very embarrassing since I had about 10 people in line staring at me. I used another card and scuttled out of the store as quick as I could. I went home and called Wells Fargo because I knew I had a zero balance since I pay my entire balance every month and I had just paid my balance. It turns out I accidently overpaid, so they blocked my card. No phone call or anything reasonable like that. Just blocked it and figured I would call them when I tried to use it. Great policy Wells Fargo, embarrass long term customers instead of calling them and tell them they OVERPAID!

    Ridiculous. I am cancelling my card.

  • Cg
      24th of Nov, 2010
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    Wells Fargo is a sorry banking institution...I too have been a long time customer...and I can't wait to get rid of them permanently...they send me a statement all right on my vehicle...with the due date but it never says how long the grace period is...normally 10days for competent banks..I've asked the bank clerks here in Cedar Park Tx.. about the grace period but they don't know sometimes I get hit with a late fee and sometimes I don't..I never pay more than 10 days past the due date... and only twice because I don't want the extra well if you finance anything with them they will charge you every cent of the contracts get no interest reduction... pay extra towards the principle they reduce your next son also deals with Wells Fargo...and his opinion is about the same...this is a sorry bank...

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