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Dear wells fargo,
Since we contacted wells fargo about our complaint with the mortgage refinance, we have been promised many times that the issue would be resolved in a timely manner.
It has been several months and it seems that every week we receive a letter from the customer care and recovery group. Sometimes we get 2 letters a week, all stating the same thing, however the date that this is expected to be resolved is always different, the date keeps getting pushed back. Just like our closing did.
This speaks volumes to me and others that wells fargo does not care about their customers, that all they want is their money.
With the world that we live in now, one would think that customer loyalty would matter, and with all the social media sites available to post grievances. Also let’s not forget the events that wells fargo has recently been through with the unnecessary selling of your products that most of your customers were unaware of.
We truly regret using wells fargo to refinance our home. That is why we used a credit union who values their members to complete our home equity line of credit. After what we experienced with wells fargo during the refinance process, we got smart and decided not to use your company for that. The credit union could have saved us hundreds of dollars in closing costs and other fees. And we could have actually received an accurate home appraisal report. Shame on us for using you for the refinance in the first place.
I am a very social person and not afraid to speak my mind or to let people know how I feel about certain companies or how they treat their so called valued customers.
The whole process with wells fargo has left a very bad taste in our mouths. We should have learned when we opened a checking account with wells and then found out that everything we were told by the banker was a complete lie. Thus, resulting in us closing out the accounts, and staying with the credit union.
I guess that you will continue to send 1 or 2 letters a week stringing this along, or perhaps you will suddenly resolve this matter just to shut me up and move on. For that fact, what does it mean that you are looking into this matter and working to resolve it? Just what exactly is that going to do for me? It’s not like you are going to admit that your costs are higher than others and refund a portion of what we paid. Or that you will start using an honest and accurate home appraisal company that perhaps is not in your back pocket.
Either way, there will always be that bad taste left by wells fargo. And for other people thinking of using you, I can always tell them our experience so they can have the chance to avoid the dishonesty and go elsewhere to feel valued.
I value my time and appreciate the time you took reading this. If you have any questions while your work is in “progress”, I am here to help. You may reach me (Kaye) directly at 801-##### no extension. Or brian, at 801-####. Monday through friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If I am not available, please leave voice mail, or send an e-mail or perhaps yet another letter to our home.
Brian and kaye adamson
West bountiful, utah
Unhappy wells fargo customers

Jan 09, 2017

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