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In 2009 I saw we were going to have some difficulty paying the mortgage so I called wells fargo to ask for "help". We had always been current. I had lost pay for 2 weeks so me, "doing the right thing" thought I would "reach out" for help. Yeah right! First the idiots told me I may qualify for a modificiation and I was said I was interested in the hamp; they told me they were not doing that yet but would work with me. I had heard about obama's plan earlier and thought everyone was doing it then. So I put together all of my paperwork, faxed it in as they asked and they had said that I could hold off on payments while they reviewed my file; it would take 30-45 days. So we waited and I called in every 2 days to check the progress. They always told me the same thing... It's being reviewed. Then one day I called in and they told me that my file was "inactive" because it was not currently dated!! No one called me and told me this! So here we go again! I submitted new paperwork and waited and waited again... Then we received a notice from an attorney pierce & associates that we had to pay up $9, 000.00 or we were going into foreclosure and not to deal with wells fargo anymore. I was floored!!! So we took a hardship withdrawal out of my husband's 401k and had the funds directly sent overnight to them.In the process of this happening (It was a weekend) that next day on a saturday we were served with foreclosure documents at home. My husband told the guy to "get the & ^&^ & out of here!!" I then called wells fargo on monday and they said they received the funds. I told them I wanted it in writing that they received the funds, and our loan was current now. I also stated that I still wanted a loan mod. I wanted to go for the hamp. Now they were doing it the cust. Rep. Said and we qualified. Lo and behold I was happy and thought "now we are getting somewhere!! I received the modification paperwork and we looked at it and sent it back and were on the program for the 3 month trial period; all was well and then the next month I wanted to know why we didn't get the new permanent mod. Papers; they told me to wait that they should be coming fedex. Well they never came! I called a few days later and they told me the investor does not participate in the program and we were turned down!!! Again, I could not believe my ears!!! So here we are at square one! They are saying we owe 12, 000.00 in "back payments" which are, even though we were in a modification plan with them, we still owe the difference between what the "real" payment would have been and what the modified one is and then all the fees, late fees, attorney fees, etc. !! We submitted our paperwork via fax again and now are waiting for a response. I called yesterday for a status and this idiot told me that we had to be prequalified before the papers will be submitted to the underwriter people; what??? I already prequalified! I told her! That's why we faxed over the papers last week. Then I tried to go over where that 12, 000.00 is coming from and she didn't know what she was talking about so all we did was go round and round in circles. We had gone through bankruptcy last year and was discharged from all debts. We could easily walk away from this house and that would be it. We want to do the right thing however and don't want to have to move because that's a pain in itself. We are stuck and god only knows our outcome. So we sit and wait...
I am writing my story to the president mr. Mark c. Oman who is now ceo as well of the mortgage co. And who is the "leading originator and servicer of residential mortgages, servicing one in every seven mortgage loans in the u. S. And leads the integration of wachovia's mortgages as well (They merged earlier this year).

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  • Lk
      Sep 12, 2010

    I am in the same boat. My husband has small cell lung cancer and is on permanet disablity, which is less than $1500. a month. Our mortgage was $672. a month. I asked for a loan modification in May of this year. I too checked frequently to be told it was being processed. In August, I get a phone call saying "Why have you not made a payment towards the temporary forebearance agreement"?. I said "what agreement". It seems that in June we were granted a temp. forebearance agreement, but the paperwork was not sent out. We recieved paperwork on August 12th. I made the first payment at the new amount (or what I thought was the first payment) on September 3, when the social security disability hits bank. On September 9th we get a call saying you owe $2687.79. If it is not paid by October 5, they will start foreclosure. I said what about the temp. forebearance? She said oh, you defaulted by not paying June, July and August. I said how can I pay something when I didn't know about it until August 9th? She said resubmit paperwork as it is out of date now. I did that on September 9th. From what I have read, this is going to be an on going fight. Her last comment was cut back on expenses, when we had just gone over the fact that we can't pay our utilities and mortgage. What would I cut back? She said well, just try. We get food stamps, have an autistic adult child, and custody of two young grand children. Of course we get not a dime from either parent. When we do get some child support, the state of Texas gets their cut first because we get a whopping $128.00 a month in TANF What a mess. If anyone can tell me anything good about this situation with Wells Fargo, feel free. My email is [protected] God Bless all of us.

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  • Ro
      Sep 19, 2010

    I am so sorry for you, we went thru similar with WF. ow can they get buy with doing so many people wrong and the govt. not step in and make them accept loan modifications?

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