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Wells Fargo Home Mortage Bank / wrongfull action with mortage loan

1 3253 Corrigan LaneRound Rock, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 512-341-3756

To whom it may Concern!

Good morning to you, our names or Mr. & Mrs. McKenzie. We are writing you because of a small problem that we are having with Wells Fargo Mortgage Bank. As you know, along with most of the world, people are losing their homes; we do not want that to happen to us. We been looking over our contact and looking over just how Wells Fargo has been handling our home payment, escrow account basally an overall look. Our payments jump for 876.00 to 1622.99 over a 21/2 year period. What we found was uncaring to us as a home owner and a value customer. With much talking back to back with the customer’s service people at wells Fargo we became unsatisfied again. Not only does the customer’s service have limited knowledge of the needs of some customers, they do want to answer your question, they can be very rude on the phone, because you are asking question and questioning the way Wells Fargo as a whole is handling your loan. We have asked on a many occasion to set a set down with someone from Wells Fargo to speak face to face. What we found was each year when wells Fargo did the yearly adjustment on our escrow account the estimated were so much more higher than our yearly pay out, and we would have to wait until next year adjustment for any refund do us, in the mean while our house payment keep getting bigger. And now that we have work on some of the item we were very unsatisfied with we still have a long way to go, because every time we ask for something we are being told that we cannot have access to such information and, here we trusted this bank to protect our interest and now that we are looking into things, which we should not be treated badly because we want answer as a home owner making such they are doing the right thing, we’re the ones who is paying for this home we are being told we don’t need or cannot get such information. It is one thing to send someone a statement listing what escrow is, principal and interest and such other things. But when a customer comes to you and says, look we have not been satisfied with some of the ways you have been doing things, and we would like to see receipts for all payment made on our behalf from your company and you’re saying there no such thing. There paper work for everything you do, if you are doing it right, a bank has rules, guideline and an ethic duly to keep what with all things from a penny you take out someone account to that C.D someone has invested in. All we want is to see the receipts, we want to make sure that the payment went to the proper place, the payment for mortgage insurance went to the insurance company and not someone else pocket or account . Not only that we are paying the bank premium on our own loan and we know banks are covered all the way around so why are we paying their insurance premium we do not know. It would be a different story if we wanted to protector our loan by adding a mortgage protection plan to our account but that is not the case. Also we were first told that the payment was made on behalf of HUD, that it was HUD who requested we have such a premium and we make the payment for their insurance premium, again all of these places are covered by the government and this has been going on since we first got the house, so it not like they just added this in because of the very hard times we are in as a whole. What is the real deal here why is it so hard to get some answer form the bank. Can you please help us get the answer we need, so that we can know for ourselves that the bank is doing the thing. Too many people are getting in trouble today for using other people retirement, saving, 401k etc and the little people are the only ones who is hurting here, were the love for one another, were the respect for the customers.

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