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Wells Fargo Financial / representatives rude harassing!

1 1746 n. jupiter rd, apt 1095Garland, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 972/487-5938

When i received the call, there was silence and then a voice said loudly, HELLO, i said, HELLO, she said, Is this Tamika, I responded yes... I could tell that this was not going to go well. Here we go, I received a call today about 11:45 a/m. CST from a collections representative in regards to an amount of $800.00 being past due on my car note 33 days. I informed her that $380.00 was paid by Money Gram 1/18/2008 and $200.00 was set up online Sunday for the total December loan of $571.00. She informed me that she did not care about the $200 until she saw the payment post, my account was still in collections. I asked if I could give her the online confirmation #, she said that it did not matter until the payment posts I would remain in collections. She asked why I was late, I informed her that I did not have the money right then and where was the car located. Trying to intimidate me, i asked if she was going to pick up the car, she said no. She asked did I get hours cut at work or something like that, I told her no. She screamed at me why don't you have the money. I am a very personal person and i don't offer information to strangers at all.

I lost my cousin, more like my brother on New Year's Eve and I was out of town for almost 2 weeks. I am just now starting to get things together. She put me on hold and came back to inform me that I was not eligible for an extension... first of all, I did not ask for an extension. She then went on to say that I will still be in collections for the January payment (due 1/19) today is 1/22. She asked when I would be able to pay it, I gave her a date and she asked very sarcastically, "Well is next months payment going to be on time?" I politely said "I hope so", thanked her for calling and hung up.

I know these people have jobs to do, but I am in collections and I know that you can get more with respect than you can with disrespect and spiteful attitudes. I am tired of this and called today to see if I can trade in my car or have my credit union to refinance.

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  • Co
      4th of Feb, 2008
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  • Ed
      5th of Feb, 2008
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    These are the rudest most obnoxious people I have ever had the displeasure of attempting to speak with in my life. I affixed my signature to a contract of purchase for a used vehicle for my grand daughter's fiance. He, of course, turned out to be a bum who would not keep a job so I wound up making most of the payments. That is until my funds were wiped out. I tried sending e-mails telling them I could no longer pay and asking them to forward instructions as to the disposition of the vehicle. They would not discuss it via e-mail - while demanding that I call such and such a number. Even though I tried to explain that I am 83 years old, wear two hearing aids and find it very difficult to hold a phone conversation. I tried calling a couple of times but the screaming, yelling and total disrespect was more than I would tolerate. I refused to try to talk to this bunch of idiots and would not answer my phone even though they still call 25-30 times each day. Thank God for caller ID. In addition I had a wellsfargo credit card which they cancelled. I tried to continue my online payments on this card but guess what? They locked me out of online access to the account and would not unlock it so that I can make any payments. They insist that I call one of their half-witted collectors so that I can be insulted yet again. When I told them via e-mail that I would not call and that I would not answer a call from them, almost as soon as they received my message I received a call from a 'lady' who left this message "I know you do not want to talk to me Mr. Huddleston, but you WILL talk to me. There are responsibilities that you must take care of" and then the phone number that I MUST call. This person, quite obviously, less intelligent than a goat, telling ME about responsibility? Get a life lady. Last I heard there are no longer any debtor's prisons in this country so what will you do, take away my recess?

    Bottom line. I would advise anyone who is anticipating any type of business with a financial institution to take a loooong detour around any Wells Fargo facility. That is unless they revel in misery.

  • Ju
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    I completely agree with you that they are a bunch of rude idiots (that's the "happy version"). They, too, call us 20 times a day. They were even rude to our 8 year old. What they said to me was "you're through talking and you WILL make a dopsit to cover this!". Even though it's a bank error and I said as much to which the woman, her name is Chandra, started LAUGHING!!! I can't believe that a compant that is a global company has people that act so unprofessional (again that's the "happy version"). We don't answer the phone when it's them either. Plus, I left EVERY call ont he caller ID. I would suggest that you do what we have done, file a complain with your attorney general for your state. I did with my state, plus the state the calls are originating from, which is Oregon. Everyone I've talked to since, has left WF. I would suggest everyone else do the same. the employees that work for WF have an IQ of 3 and have the intelligence of a doorknob (that's being generous). I wish you luck!

  • Ro
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Wells Fargo financial called inquireing if we would like to refinance our FHA home loan, they took out money from our bank account for a appriasal the same day we first visited them. We did not procede any further with them and they have refused to return our money. They didn't do the appriasal. I went out to their office to try and get our money back and recieved the run around, from the staff there and was threatened with forceable removal. This office is in Gresham, Oregon. I would avoid any business dealing with this financial instution.

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