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I have had a car loan through Wells Fargo Dealer Services for 4 years and have never missed a payment. I have had to work 2 jobs for almost 2 years to make ends meet and recently the 2nd job I had ended. I called for the first time ever to request a deferment and they wouldn't give it to me. Stating that without me having found another job they don't know I can pay them next month. The issue is with a deferment I can get back on the right track and guarantee next months payment as without it I can guarantee further issues. They didn't care, refused to help me. Now this is the final conclusion of trying to get someone to help me and running the gambit of automated systems and "Please Hold" and transfers for 2 days in a row. If I can find anyway possible to get away from this company I would. I will never finance anything through them again and I would highly recommend anyone staying far away from them as possible.

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  • Se
      27th of Mar, 2012

    I had the same thing happen to me but, under different circumstances. I went through a hardship, made the same request and was given the same answer. The only thing that was different was (FOR ONCE) the Representative gave me a wonderful alternative: Since I had never changed my payment date, I could set it so that It would fall on a date to where I could still have my grace period and not be reported as delinquent. She further instructed that if I could not pay by that due date (which fell into the next month), I could call back to work with the service department. I know it sounds bad but since I have never missed a payment I could eat the late fee (last resort), and pay when I could before the end of the next month and STILL not be delinquent. There are ways around road blocks, it has worked for me and just though I would share. GOOD LUCK!

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  • Ma
      11th of Feb, 2013

    They're worried about something called "masking delinquency." They can get in a lot of trouble if they're caught giving deferments to people who have no reliable way to make their monthly payments. If you do get a job though, any job, they can probably immediately give you a deferment which should keep you current until you get your first paycheck.

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  • Da
      5th of Jun, 2013

    I called about a property Wells Fargo has the lien on today. The owners have both passed away. The company couldn't give me ANY information about the property or what they planned to do with it even though they posted a sign on the door that they deemed it to be abandoned. I want to buy it. I have money in hand and can relieve them from the burden of the value of this property and all I got is IDIOTS giving me double talk and directing me to a web site that doesn't exist.

    Wells Fargo is the WORST RUN COMPANY in the ENTIRE nation. They don't know if they are washing or hanging out. I will let this property go since I can get NO INFO on it and I hope they are satisfied when whoever gets it leaves the in a lurch. So SCREW YOURSELF WELLS FARGO, YOU ASKED FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU GET.


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