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Wells Fargo / poor customer service/misinformation

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Earlier in the year, we were assessed the wrong taxes for our home because of an error with our county's tax assessor. Our taxes and whatnot are paid via an escrow account that we pay into with our monthly payments, so Wells Fargo paid the taxes in full, leaving a negative balance. When they reanalyzed our escrow this year, we had a shortage that resulted in our monthly payments increasing by $400.00.

After we got that escrow statement, we went to the tax assessor, got the correct tax amount, and were issued a refund. We promptly called Wells Fargo to inform them of the correction, and let them know we would call back and resolve the shortage when we received the refund.

A couple of weeks later, we received the refund and I called Wells Fargo to pay off the shortage and reduce our monthly payments to what they should be. The agent I spoke with told me that because we pay our mortgage in biweekly payments, we were ahead on payments for the year; that meant they could reverse the last two biweekly payments and apply them to our escrow account, leaving us to pay the difference (around $100).

Sounded like a great plan, and it was supposed to be resolved within 5 business days. After the five business days came and went, I logged in and saw that the reversal hadn't happened. I left this same agent a callback. I then called their main service number and spoke to another agent about the problem. She gave me the same response, which was that she would submit the request and they would take care of it in five business days.

Five business days later - logged in, account still the same.

Called back today and spoke to ANOTHER agent and was told that the two requests were denied because they cannot reverse bi-weekly payments, only monthly payments. She then got a bit of an attitude and told me that I should have sent the refund to Wells Fargo because it was Wells Fargo's money. This set me off because that's exactly what I called to do in the first place, and TWO of their ###ic agents misinformed me. On top of that, they had access to my customer notes and information and never contacted me to tell me the reversals could not be processed, nor did they check their notes and inform me of this on either of the previous calls I placed to them.

All in all, I will be glad when we sell our house in a couple of years and end this relationship. I will not be doing business with these jokers again.

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  • El
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    Part of letter I mailed the President of the United States today.

    I wrote this letter after reading the speech you gave in Ohio where you said "And I can promise you, there will be more fights in the days ahead. We're having one of them right now, because I want to charge Wall Street a modest fee to repay taxpayers in full for saving their skin in a time of need. You can rest assured, we're going to get that money -- your money -- back, each and every dime."
    Obama concluded, "I didn't run for president to turn away from these challenges. I didn't run for president to kick them down the road. I ran for president to confront them, once and for all."

    My TIME OF NEED is NOW I need some of the stimulus money that was handed to the banks to SAVE MY SKIN. REDUCE my interest rate, SAVE my house that I’ve lived in since 1979.

    One company you need to confront is Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. My current mortgage rate is 8.62%. My mortgage is $54, 000 but with escrows, taxes my payment is $1, 027 per month. My mortgage problems started in Dec 2008 when I fell behind in my payments. It’s been a horror show since then. I provided all the paperwork Wells Fargo required for a loan modification, they lied, everytime I spoke to someone it was a different story. I spoke to Wells Fargo 2-3 times weekly from Dec 2008- Jan 2010.

    On Jan 19, 2010 I received a foreclosure letter from xxxxx Law Offices. Saying I was behind 4 months. I called Wells Fargo the Loss Mitigation specialist looked at my payments history, agreed there were mistakes. Said talk to Customer Service and get a payment history print out.
    Which I never received.

    In 30 days I could be foreclosed on, what am I supposed to do .

    I’m not asking for a handout or anything for free. I just need HELP.
    I’m looking for what was promised lower interest rates, my house not going into foreclosure.
    That is what the stimulus money was for, not for mega bonuses, lavish parties.

    I’ve called a counselor numerous times at HOPE NOW but never got a return call.
    As I was typing this letter to you I received a fax from xxxxx Law Offices if I want to reinstate my loan I need to give them $6, 625.25 ($1, 410.54 in legal fees) before Feb 3rd after that date the fees get higher.

    Please HELP me, thank you.


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