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I tried to close my accounts with them. Went in person to do it. They closed everything, gave me checks for the balances, etc. However, they kept charging me for the monthly fees ON MY CLOSED ACCOUNTS. I called them, they reversed the fee. But they keep charging me for monthly fees ON CLOSED ACCOUNTS. I ended all autopays but they refuse to ever actually finally close my accounts.

My advice, do not ever start doing business with them - it's like a virus that you can never officially delete. They are still charging me for my quicken integration fess ON CLOSED ACCOUNTS.


  •   Jul 02, 2008

    I recommend anyone with a WF account to close it and move it to another bank now. I was screwed over five days. WF refuses to fix their errors. I have moved my finances to their competitor. I also am filing a lawsuit against WF for my damages. They will have to send their $500 per hour attorneys to defend them at court. Maybe they will listen to their customers better after a good lawsuit. Get the word out, everyone get their money out of Wells Fargo & Company. Bringing them to justice, in COURT.

    Thank you,

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  •   Sep 19, 2008

    Wells Fargo is a terrible bank in my opinion. If you are banking with them you may want to reconsider. If you are not banking with them but you are considering doing so, you may want to think about this a little more. This is a very low quality customer service bank. It is very unpersonal and does not care about its customers at all. Furthermore, they are quite dishonest. They stolen out of my account over $800.00 simply because my step-son's account got overdrawn. My step son is an adult. I have no control over his actions or over his account. I had no access to his account or knowledge of the status of that account. They claim that because I allowed my wife to have access to my account and because she had also access to my step-son's account that somehow these two accounts are linked or related. Total nonsense. This bank is a total scam!!!

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  •   Oct 27, 2008

    I bank at the warm springs marketplace branch of wells fargo, Las Vegas Nevada. I walked up to the teller unsure of how much money was in my account, and I was told that I had about twenty dollars. I asked if anything was pending, and I was told no. Feeling safe and assuming I had overdraft protection as I was told when I opened the account, I made two more charges that day.

    Unfortunately, the teller was wrong, and I still had a pending charge. Therefore, I was charged three overdraft fees, two for the purchases made that day, and one for the pending charge. I accept responsibility to for the pending charge one, even if I do feel it's unfair. When I went to the manager to ask if she could fix this, since it was her teller's mistake, she nicely offered to take ten dollars off as a courtesy. I appreciate this, but that doesn't change the fact that I now have three overdraft fees totaling over 100 dollars.

    I make nine dollars an hour and I work very hard for my money. Last month I paid an overdraft fee that was also not my fault (merchant charged me twice for a book instead of refunding it) but I really cannot afford to pay three of them in one month.

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      Nov 13, 2008

    I would love to join you in your pursuit to sue Wells Fargo Bank. They have put over 20 day hold on checks, stole, and the left hand has NO clue what the right is doing. I have been told they were to release charges and then had them not do it. It is a nightmare with them.

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  • D
      Dec 18, 2008

    I had the same thing happen to me. I had opened a new acct because there was a fraudulent check posted to my acct. I opened the new acct and 162 dollars was transferred from the old acct to the new one. I called Wells Fargo to verify that yes, I had this money IN my acct. The phone banker said yes. I made sure I had no pending charges. I had her check 3 times. She said no, this WAS the amount I had. So, I went out and purchased groceries. When I got home, I had 20 dollars left. The next morning I woke to find 5 past paid entries added to my new account (none were "pending") plus the 3 new entries I had just done.

    In all, I was over drawn by 137.63 dollars without the fees. What's worse, I had a 52 dollar pending amount I spent on groceries. Payday was days away.

    Well, I was on the phone with WF which denied the banker did anything wrong, in fact, they maintain I should have had overdraft protection.

    I owed as of yesterday 207 dollars WITH the fees from 2 bounced ATM withdrawls. The only good news is that the grocery purchase of 52 dollars was paid in full.

    I know when I visited my old acct that the chunk of paid items were transferred from the old account to the new acct. causing a double dip for the bank AND the excuse to levvy fees on me.

    I'll be moving OUT of WF as soon as I clear this mess up.

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      Jan 08, 2010


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