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Wells Fargo / uncompromising compassion

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Been a customer with Wells Fargo for more than 20 years. I am done with their cheesy business ethics. Take bail out money, cancel credit cards which dont have high balances and on-time payments, and screw me with a mortgage rate I can no longer afford. What happened to the customer focused business? Believe me, all these banks that are screwing people today will need our business in the future and I will let them sink to the bottom bits of the deepest trench of the ocean!!!

Consumers are doing all we can to survive and the banks are taking advantage of the situation to milk as much as they can unethically (although legal). I am done with banks and so should you. Take your money out, store it in a safe and pay cash for everything. If you keep your funds in a bank, they will get their share somehow.

I am blessed, I have a job that pays $120k+ per year with full benes and I can pay my bills with no problem. But I am fed up with the current banking practices. I would suggest not just to complain here, but start writing your news agencies and congressmen. One voice joined together can move the needle.

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      12th of Apr, 2010
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    My parent is a cosigner on my checking account (mind you I am a 25 year old College Grad with a Professional Job, not a high school student) and my parent was also a previous Wells Fargo Customer until they becamse so frustrated that they closed their account and moved to another bank. While Wells Fargo said they had closed the account, twice actually, they kept making payments on things that my parents had made arrangements to pay through their new banks. Because my parents beleived their account was closed, they were no longer putting money into it and kept 'overdrawing' (on a bank account that was no longer supposed to exist). Instead of calling, e-mailing, stopping payments as they were instructed to do, not only once, but twice, they just deducted nearly 1500 dollars out of my account without any type of notice at all because my mom appeared as a co-signer. The interesting part is that only about 400 dollars of this were actually payments, which my parents said they would pay for since they would pay for it anyway, and the rest were just bank charges. WELLS FARGO wouldn't even reverse the extra charges, said what they were doing was legal, and actually went on to do it again. I will be closing my account. Just because they have a 'legal' right to do something doesn't mean that it is justified or ethical. They were many other means to handle this situation that would not have been detrimental to any party involved. Ignorant people on a power trip or knowledgeable, caring staff?... I bet I can guess.

    How do you pass legislation to protect the public?

    If any of you are in the media, post something and I'd be glad to be involved...

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